Pelosi Flits Over to MSNBC to Untake Responsibility for J6 Security


A clip of then-Speaker Pelosi taken as she was rushed away from the Capitol on J6 was released. In the clip, she said she was responsible for the lack of security.

Nancy Pelosi can’t tell the truth and continued the gaslighting on MSNBC today. She told propagandist Nicole Wallace that Republicans talking about her taking responsibility for the J6 riot is “revisionist history,” even as we have her on video taking responsibility for the riot in the aftermath of the riot/rally and admitting she was in charge.

She’s the queen of revisionist history. The J6 riot was not an insurrection; she was in charge as Speaker and rejected the National Guard.

She falsely claimed there were Nazi flags. There was one Confederate flag. Pelosi said people were killed. The only person killed was a Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt who was murdered by a Capitol Police Officer.

Liz Cheney hid exculpatory evidence while on the J6 panel. She kept saying Donald Trump didn’t issue any order for the National Guard. Cheney is playing with words. He couldn’t order the Guard, but he did okay it, which is all he could do.

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