Dems unveil $3.5 Trillion bill with amnesty and citizenship for at least 10 million


Democrats’ $3.5 trillion budget resolution package instructs lawmakers to chart a pathway to citizenship for millions of people, The Hill reports. The usual vague investment in alleged border security will be the phony lure.

The bill text unveiled Monday includes some $107 billion for the Senate Judiciary Committee to spend on each, giving lawmakers a soft deadline of Sept. 15, reports The Hill.

The package does not specify how many people or which groups would be covered by the legislation, instead directing the committee to provide “lawful permanent status for qualified immigrants.” A summary of the bill also states it will provide green cards “to millions of immigrant workers and families.”

In the recent past, Biden said 8 million, but that would be a low number in order to continue the deception that this is all perfectly okay.


The cynical plan is to get these voters in place before 2024 and sooner if possible. The illegals are flown all over the country with COV and who knows what their motives are.

Democrats can’t win on their ideas or their ‘successes.’

House Democrats have floated a plan that would cover not only Dreamers brought to the U.S. as children but also migrant farmworkers, workers deemed essential during the pandemic and those who already hold Temporary Protected Status after being unable to return to their countries.

Everyone will say they are a farmworker, including landscapers, fruit and vegetable sellers, junk men, drug dealers, everyone. The remainder will be essential or TPS’s.

In all, Democrats could make around 10 million people eligible for a path to citizenship — just shy of the 11 million people who would be affected by a bill from Biden that has stalled in Congress, The Hill reports.

It’s Not 11 Million

Does anyone really believe there are only 11 million illegal aliens living in the US? These millions will not, cannot, be properly counted. Nor can they be screened. It will be mass amnesty without any checks and controls.

What Democrats have done to the major US cities, they are about to do to the entire country. With full control, they will bring Wokeism, CRT, fake history like 1619, cancel culture, censorship, fiats, and imprisonment for political differences, among other terrible things.

The Left is replacing citizens with a needy or criminal base that will vote for them. That’s not reform. This is an invasion engendered by Democrats to make the US a one-party nation with communist Democrats in control.

The phony excuse is this is immigration reform and they can’t make progress otherwise.

This is why the 18 turncoat Republicans should not support the $1.2 Trillion bill. The first bill makes the second easier to do.

No one gave them permission to do this and polls show most Americans don’t want it. Democrats don’t care what Americans think. They hate you and this country.


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