Dems Use ‘Racist Jim Crow’ Filibuster to Stop Cruz & Help Putin


Democrats are calling for the elimination of the filibuster as they filibuster Cruz’s bill to impose sanctions on the Russian pipeline company Nord Stream 2. The pipeline will allow Moscow to sell large amounts of cheap natural gas to Germany, and Europe in general.

Germany can buy gas from whomever they want, of course, but this pipeline gives Russia control over European energy. Biden, upon entering office lifted all the sanctions on Nord Stream so the pipeline could be built, ironically, as he killed our XL Pipeline.

Donald Trump did everything he could to stop the Nord Stream Pipeline prior to that, including trying to convince Germany not to do it.

Cruz’s bill sought to impose sanctions on the Russian pipeline. There are few more pressing priorities for the Kremlin, if any. Therefore, by blocking Cruz’s bill, Democrats not only used a racist, Im Crow relic filibuster [their words], but they did so in order to protect Vladimir Putin and a vital Russian company from sanctions.

As Democrats call DJT a tool of Putin, they are doing everything they can to bolster his ambitions.

Far left Democrats like Chris Murphy claim it will divide us from Germany. However, anyone who thinks Germany, a country that won’t pay its bills to us, is much of a friend, should rethink that. They’re fair weather friends.

As Democrats try to convince Americans that only racists use the filibuster, a relic of Jim Crow, and that democracy requires the approval of all bills that attract the support of fifty Senators, they use the filibuster.  If they succeed in getting it eliminated, they will put it back in when it’s convenient for them.

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1 year ago

I’m far less worried about Russia than China. The USSR had it’s reckoning with the failure of Communism. While Russia is becoming more Capitalist, America is flirting with Communism. Putin is a Russia First President, Traitor Joe is Burn America to the ground President. Without a strong America First President we are in serious trouble. If Germany want’s to make deals with Russia, that’s their choice. Just remember, when France surrenders to Germany; World War III officially begins. At the beginning of WWII Russia and Germany were allies.

Judgment In Disguise
Judgment In Disguise
1 year ago

Did you hear about Russian military making inroads into Cuba and Venezuela?
Not a peep from Deep State media.
You see Chiquitastan is being set up to be the Palooka (designated loser) of WWIII set up by a traitorous fifth column of Long March fellow travelers.

The Endgame Is Now
The Endgame Is Now
1 year ago

Read an article with the title Russia fears no sanctions.
If the globalists and CCP want WAR with Russia then it will be so.
They want Russia to do the heavy lifting and nothing burns it all down better than ICBMs.
In Russia they have a doomsday civil defense system to ensure the survival of their people but they don’t hate their own like the at WAR with itself Western Civ via traitorous infiltrators and the COV-LARP.