Lawsuit Stops Systemic Racist Policies in SSM Health


Scoring rubric gave race more weight than diabetes, obesity, asthma, and hypertension combined, Free Beacon Reports.

SSM Health, a Catholic health system that operates 23 hospitals across Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin, is one of the largest in the country. They disgracefully began using a racist scoring system last year to allocate scarce doses of Regeneron, the antibody cocktail that President Donald Trump credited for his recovery from COVID-19.

A patient must score at least 20 points to qualify for the drug. The rubric gives three points to patients with diabetes, one for obesity, one for asthma, and one for hypertension, for a total of six points. Identifying as “Non-White or Hispanic” race, on the other hand, nets a patient seven points, regardless of age or underlying conditions.

Whites need not even ask for help unless they are in terrible health, and even then…This is what systemic racism looks like.

In a Dec. 30 email to physicians, the health system said it would use the same rubric for Sotrovimab, a monoclonal antibody treatment that has proven effective against the now-dominant Omicron variant.

A threat of a lawsuit got them to drop their systemic racist policy, for now. I am Catholic and this kind of thing is destroying the Catholic Church.

America First Legal, founded by former Trump administration adviser Stephen Miller, said Wednesday that it was threatening legal action against the Minnesota and Utah state health departments, both of which were using race to determine eligibility for monoclonal antibodies.

Such schemes constitute illegal race discrimination, several legal scholars told the Free Beacon, and lawsuits against the states implementing them would almost certainly be successful.

Amid the uproar, Minnesota removed race from its prioritization scheme; Utah’s scheme, a state health official said, was being “reevaluated.”

It is currently being used throughout New York, per the unelected governor Kathy Hochul. If an illegal alien comes in, that person will get treated before any white, tax-paying citizen.

Joe Biden, a communist enabler, a Bernie Sanders tool, encouraged the entire country to follow New York’s model.

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