Dems want an audit of NYC primary…but…but isn’t that a threat to democracy?


New York City‘s ranked-choice primary for mayor fiasco shows that everything Democrats touch is ruined. Now they want an audit or a redo.

Mayoral candidate Eric Adams wants an audit, “Today we petitioned the court to preserve our right to a fair election process and to have a judge oversee and review ballots, if necessary.”

Mayor de Blasio, aka Warren Wilhelm, wants an immediate recanvassing.

WHAAT??? Are Democrats trying to ruin our democracy? No one can question an election.



  1. Everything ruined is a feature as part of the Long March and they think that they will be loved for bringing a Brazil style of living.

  2. O/T-Just found some gems at the rare historical photos page of the unintentional “homo-erotic” Sino-Soviet agitprop posters from the 1960’s and some not so pleasant ones of Che’s executioners liquidating some unarmed young girls for the real view of the satanic sickness that is communism.

  3. It’s good for me but not for thee. Nothing like hypocrites. These are such mean hateful arrogant obnoxious vermin.

  4. For a Democrat, Election Audits are only a threat to Democracy when the results will show that Democrats stole an election.

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