Dems want fed licensing for all gun owners using a vague new law


On Thursday. Democrat Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ), introduced a bill that requires all gun owners — that’s ‘all,’ everybody, all Americans — to be federally licensed before they can exercise their Second Amendment rights. ‘Not-a-woman-of-color’ Warren (D-MA), and Representative Hank ‘Jews are Termites’ and ‘Guam could capsize’ Johnson (D-GA) both signed on. reported:

“Under the legislation, Americans would be required to obtain a federal or state license to buy or own a gun, federal background checks would be required for all gun purchases, military-style assault weapons would be banned, and minimum age to buy a weapon or ammunition would be set at 21.”

We already have federal background checks and you must go through the check to buy a gun. The left likes to lie about that. The only point to licensing is to control the Second Amendment and eventually, confiscate guns.

Don’t forget, a military assault weapon to a leftist is a gun, especially automatic weapons.

The bill will also add higher taxes to ammo and weapons.

Bearing Arms writes, “The measure also imposes a huge tax increase on both firearms and ammunition, which would preclude some Americans on the lower end of the economic scale to simply be unable to afford to exercise their Second Amendment rights.”

Bearing Arms states it has a vague, easily abused clause, a ‘may issue’ clause:

The legislation would set up a “may issue” system for licensing Americans to own firearms, giving the federal government the ability to deny a license to anyone if there is:

‘‘(i) reliable, articulable, and credible information that the individual has exhibited or engaged in behavior to suggest the individual could potentially create a risk to public safety; or

‘‘(ii) other existing factors that suggest that the individual could potentially create a risk to public safety.”

I needn’t tell my regular readers how dangerous this is.

As a reminder, Michael Bloomberg, a fascist who hates the Second Amendment, is now being elevated by the DNC and will appear on stage in the next debate. He is the moneybags who turned Virginia deep, deep blue and is making them gun-free.

Gun deaths are going down and car crashes kill far more people. Leftists could care less about that. This is all about control and power over the populace. The leftists are control freaks and elitists who know better than you.

When you go to vote, please keep in mind that this is what Democrats have in store for the entire country.

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