Joe and Jill were locked out of the White House as the world watched


Shortly after the inauguration on January 20th, Joe and Jill Biden were locked out of the White House after firing the chief usher five hours before.

Joe left himself with no one to open the door.

The entire world got to see our illegitimate president and his wife standing in the cold, locked out. It perfectly captured the moment.

While the world watched, President Biden and his wife Jill walked up the steps of their new home time on Wednesday. They posed for pictures outside the doors, the military band played ‘Hail to the Chief,” and they warmly embraced.

Then the doors didn’t open. Biden looked puzzled and stared blankly.

The doors were finally opened by someone, perhaps Jill knocked. It’s unclear.



  1. Reminds me of that photo of Hussein the Immaculate trying to figure out how to walk through a gateway with an open umbrella.
    These enlightened beings, they be like all smart and stuff.
    A CCP comrade was on the other side saying what is password, password is ASO.
    Joe blurted out orange juice and apple sauce for no entry.

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