Dems want to prosecute Donald Trump criminally for January 6 riot


Following Donald Trump’s acquittal, Democrats are considering prosecuting him criminally for the events of January 6 at the Capitol, The Washington Times reported. Democrats and other haters will continue their vendetta against Mr. Trump until he’s bankrupt or dead.

House impeachment manager Stacey E. Plaskett, the delegate for the U.S. Virgin Islands said Sunday she thinks Democratic leaders will decide whether to engage with prosecutors in pursuit of Mr. Trump.

CNN asked Plaskett if there are plans to refer the case to the Justice Department.

“I’m sure leadership are going to be having discussions. And God bless the attorney general of Georgia, New York, and the district attorney’s office here in D.C.

She’s referring to the probes of a call to Georgia’s secretary of state Raffensperger, and of Trump’s business enterprises in Manhattan.

They are on a fishing expedition. There is no crime, but they will try to find one.

Rep. Jason Crow, Colorado Democrat, and a manager in the Trump impeachment said there are several investigations ongoing and he was unsure of Mr. Trump’s exposure.

He said “nobody is above the law, including a president,” and “the American people will get justice… in the months or years to come.” He is talking about the 81 million who voted for Joe Biden — not the other 75 million.

“It may not come right away, but we will get information and as we said a year ago during our last trial, that history will show what happened. History is going to bear all of this out, and that’s why it was so important that those who did come across and vote to convict made the right move.”

Chuck Rosenberg, former acting director of the DEA under Barack Obama and Donald Trump, said it is “theoretically possible” to prosecute him but “it would be difficult to accomplish.”

He believes Donald Trump committed crimes but “you have to show that he acted willfully, for instance, intentionally, and you would have to prove that to a jury unanimously and you’d have to prove that to a jury unanimously by proof beyond a reasonable doubt.”

The hatred coming from the left will keep coming until he dies or they get to imprison him.

For what it’s worth Donald Trump has told his advisers that he’s anxious that he could still face criminal charges due to his role in the January 6 Capitol siege, multiple sources told CNN.  CNN is mostly wrong and their sources aren’t accurate.

They don’t want Donald Trump to run again and they will destroy DJT and his supporters to keep that from happening.

Are you sick of this yet? It’s just BS.

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