Reps dish out some justice to the lying MLB


Wealthy, powerful corporations are out of control. Instead of just doing their job, they are trying to interfere with the workings of government. A case in point is Major League Baseball trying to punish Georgia for an innocuous election integrity act passed by an overwhelming majority of their legislators.

The MLB is punishing Georgians for a lie told by Joe Biden and the media. We are all supposed to pretend the lie is true and the Georgia law is Jim Crow 2.0.

The hypocrites are using their authority to say they want voter fraud. Democrats and Big Corporations are all in bed together attempting to tell the rest of us what to do.

Reps. Jeff Duncan and Chip Roy are not impressed. They’re taking away their goodies.

Duncan is moving to take away their anti-trust exemption.

Rep. Chip Roy will co-sponsor it.

This needs to start happening although it will be hard to get it passed since Democrats control everything.

These corporations — Merck, the MLB, Delta, Woke a Cola — all need to remember what their jobs are supposed to be and it’s not to rule.

These dirtbag virtue signalers are so worried about the democratic process that they just made a lucrative deal with the CCP who are committing genocide.

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