Dems Will Be Mad! Trump Wants the US to Stop Paying for Border Control in Asia


The Trump administration wants to make major cuts in foreign aid, up to $4.3 billion including $2.3 billion from USAID and $2 billion from the State Department, Politico reported.

Central Asia, border control

The President doesn’t think the U.S. should purchase solar panels in Asia, pay for border protection in Asia, and promote crop diversity in Bangladesh.

I wonder if we do a better job of border control in Asia. Nah.

“The President himself has stated that we should only be sending foreign aid to those who respect us and are our friends. The United States should not be financially responsible for crop diversity in Bangladesh, purchasing solar panels in Central Asia and footing the bill for border protection in Central and South Asia—when we can’t even get Congress to secure our own borders,” the official told the Daily Caller. “This administration is committed to cutting wasteful spending, which is why this rescissions package is so important and timely.”

The administration wants to cut waste, which might eat into the Soros budget — we can only hope. The cuts include $787 million for U.N. international peacekeeping activities, $522 million in core funding for the U.N. and $364 million for a range of U.N. humanitarian and human rights programs.

Democrats have already said there will be a fight over this. Top Republicans also want the President to pull this back. No one wants to cut a thing except the President and some Republicans.

Some say it’s a violation of the Impoundment Control Act of 1974, which spells out the steps that the president must take in order to pull back funds appropriated by Congress.

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