Denmark director topples over as she announces cancelation of AstraZeneca


This is real. As the Director of Denmark’s Medicines Agency, Tanja Erichsen, announced the discontinuation of AstraZeneca, she just toppled over.

Three men rushed to her aid, including one who tried to raise her legs up. The others are seen moving Erichsen to her side.

She was taken to the hospital as a precaution but she recovered.

The country became the first in Europe to fully shelve the AstraZeneca vaccine in light of recent links to blood clots.

Two cases of blood clots have been reported in Denmark — including one, involving a 60-year-old woman, which was fatal.

Anyone notice how Pfizer’s and Moderna’s competition is being eliminated. Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine is on the hit list. J&J have a more traditional vaccine and give it in only one shot.

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Handsome Racist
Handsome Racist
2 years ago


She went down faster than a Civil War statue in Atlanta !

2 years ago

Only people at very high risk should be considering these vaccines. If you’re not in a risk group to die from Corona Virus taking an Emergency Use vaccine is a crap shoot. Are we going to find out 5 years from now that it will cause some kind of blood disorder? Who knows? Fauci most surely doesn’t! The more I’m learning about these vaccines, the more I’m willing to take my chances with Mother Nature on my side. Until we know why these people are getting blood clots, only very high risk adults should be opting for vaccination. I can’t see any logical reason for forcing children to get vaccinated. It’s passed time the Government pay attention to science and employ common sense.