Serious inflation warnings from Jerry Bowyer


The Bureau of Labor Statistics released data Tuesday showing a sharp increase in consumer prices, especially gasoline, as many Americans struggle to make ends meet. March saw a 0.6% increase in consumer prices, the largest spike in nearly a decade. That increase can be attributed in large part to a rise in inflation.

For the poor and people on fixed incomes, that’s extremely serious.

Jerry Bowyer, a financial economist, examined a New York Times op-ed to make the case for inflation worries while writing for Townhall. He has been one who calms inflation talks but not now. We need to listen.

As he said, Harvard economist Larry Summer is worried about inflation and we need to worry about that since he is of like mind with the current administration.

The article at the Times saying there were no inflation worries was published on February 17th and inflation metrics have changed since then, Bowyer says.

He examines the metrics as well in his analysis and disputes the Times contention that all is well.

We better hope Democrats don’t pass these enormous socialist ‘infrastructure’ bills. They could cause serious inflationary problems.

Democrat policies are a disaster.


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