Denounce your white supremacy


If you’re white, you’re a supremacist, a racist, and you have privilege. If you are silent and don’t agree, you’re violent. Antifa and BLM aren’t violent because they are just an idea. That is what the media wants you to believe.


What happened on Tuesday? The far-left anarcho-communists are tearing apart cities and Wallace askED Trump to denounce white supremacists? Again? And then the media, including John Roberts of Fox News, falsely claimed Trump won’t denounce white supremacists. After he did it over and over.

How about Biden denouncing Antifa and BLM, two terrorist groups, promoted by the hate group, Southern Poverty Law Center?

Wallace to Trump: “Are you willing tonight to condemn white supremacists and militia groups?”

Trump (accurately): “Sure. I’m willing to do that. But I would say almost everything I’m seeing is coming from the left-wing, not the right-wing.”

And then the media pretends there are no riots? They don’t see any riots? Antifa is just an idea, says Joe, and no one questions it???

What is with the whole white supremacy and all whites are racists and structural racism, anyway??? Those terms, in their current meanings, were invented on college campuses and have no meaning in the real world. What white people are running around saying they are superior to other people?  The far-left madmen in the streets are saying it — Antifa is, BLM is as well.

Kyle Rittenhouse is held up as a white supremacist but he’s not and what he did was defend himself against three violent Antifas. It’s on tape for all to see.

The Proud Boys were maligned but there is zero evidence they do anything besides defend people against Antifa and BLM. Many of the Proud Boys are minorities. At least two of the leaders are. The LA Proud Boys are half Mexican.

We’re supposed to believe they’re white supremacists? They aren’t all Trump supporters either. It’s not a prerequisite to join.

I know what’s wrong with them, they’re too manly for the left.

The left has made large numbers of people think that if you’re white, you’re a racist white supremacist.

The real dangerous white supremacists are antifa and BLM, if anyone is. The KKK and Nazis are, but they are socialists, not Republicans.

The world has gone mad. This is madness. It’s mass delusion.

Trump needs to get well and spell it out for Americans. If Biden wins the election next month, expect a lot more delusion and endless riots until he does everything the far-left wants. And that’s only the beginning.


Joe Biden has arisen from the basement to make controlled appearances before a handful of friendly media, masked, spaced 12 feet apart. However, in light of President Trump becoming ill, old Joe has decided to cut back on his tiring visits to a state here and there.

Kamala [comma-la, pronounce it right or you’re a racist] Harris, the far-left and unlikeable Harris, is speaking to no one for fear Americans will see what she actually wants for America.

Biden wants to spend his last days on earth in the White House and without any second thoughts, or pangs of conscience will sell out every value he claimed to hold.

The 47-year politician will make us all pay for abortion, steal private property with an annual wealth tax on everything a person owns, and impose higher and higher taxes on all of us.

AOC and her comrades are reasonably sure they can push old Joe to accept single-payer healthcare and extreme climate change expenditures.  Heck, he’s almost there. Joe said in his manifesto — that is on his website — he wants to tear down every perfectly good building in this country and make them climate worthy.

Ban most firearms? Joe will have no problem with that at all.

Universal Basic Income, a communist value, is one of his new values.

The Supreme Court is the only body of government that protects our rights and Joe Biden wants to stack the court. Stacking it will destroy it, politicize it, and make it another legislative body.

He doesn’t care about the free market either.

Joe claims the police and the President are causing these riots. That’s insane!

You haven’t gone mad, they have. You aren’t a racist because you’re white and you don’t have privilege because of the color of your skin.

This is only the beginning. Joe can make life miserable in a matter of months and he will. Count on it.

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