Denver Has a New Long Term Welfare Program for Illegal Migrants


Far-left Denver has a new illegal immigrant program, moving away from short-term shelters to a longer welfare situation. The Colorado Sun explains the program for people coming illegally from all over the world.

It includes six-month apartment stays and intensive job preparation for those who can’t yet legally work.

They are set up with an apartment with six months of rental, food and utility assistance, a free computer, a prepaid cell phone, and metro bus passes.

If that doesn’t work, they will be given long shelter stays, OR THEY’LL GIVE THEM BUS TICKETS TO GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. They won’t be sent home, just to another city or state.

The illegal aliens will get free courses on the English language, computers, financial literacy, and workers’ rights [of course, make them fully entitled] while also assisting migrants in getting credentialed in specific industries, like construction, retail, hospitality, health care, and early childhood education.

Do citizens get this?

All these fake asylum seekers will get asylum applications.

The city officials call it an investment. it looks more like a wealth redistribution to people breaking our laws.

The article ends by explaining how they are saving money.

Illegal immigration ruined Colorado a long time ago.

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