Denver killing: NBC News9 hired a far-left unlicensed guard with a gun & took him to a Trump rally


According to a reporter on the scene of the Denver murder this weekend, the shooter approached the Trump supporter initiating the confrontation

The question needing an answer is why an NBC affiliate hired a security guard with far-left views and took him to a Trump rally, where he shot and killed a Trump/police supporter.

They allegedly used a private agency to secure the guard but that doesn’t release them from responsibility. It was easy to find killer Matthew Dolloff’s social media history as a hard-core leftist who sees all Trump supporters as racists.

NBC News9 hired Dolloff to act as a security guard. Multiple outlets reported that Dolloff was not licensed as a guard.

Dolloff killed Lee Keltner, a grandfather, and Navy veteran, who was at the rally to back the blue. The rally was advertised as a Patriot/Back the Blue rally. The counter-rally by Antifa was billed as a ‘Soup Drive’ rally to sarcastically refer to the soup cans they planned to throw at the police.


Denver police insist Dolloff is not Antifa or Black Lives Matter, but his far-left views are evident in his social media history. Police insist he’s simply a “private security guard with no affiliation with Antifa.”

However, his social media posts are pro-Antifa and pro-BLM. If he wasn’t officially tied to them, he was certainly Sympatico.

Independent reporter Tim Pool wrote on Twitter: The Denver security shooter is a vocal Bernie supporter, Leftist, and Occupy Activist He doesn’t seem to be antifa associated Either way 9News should have vetted this person and not hired a political tribalist who said “left is best” to go armed to a counter protest.


The victim, Mr. Keltner, is lost in all this.

Mr. Keltner was just another normal American at the event to support the police. The rally was a Patriot/Back the Blue rally. Dolloff shot him in the face.


Evidence reveals that Dolloff has confronted conservatives in the past.

“Ran into a Trump supporter with a Trump Button on their shirt. Told them i like their im a racist button. They had nothing to say. #fucktrump,” Dolloff wrote on Facebook in 2016.

Other social media posts reveal similar attitudes, including one captioned “FTP” (Fuck The Police) and another that is simply a photo of Trump captioned “Fuck this guy.”

Dolloff is a radical and News9 should have known that.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 years ago

Officials of course will not do the right thing. The family must sue NBC for millions and bankrupt them. The case is ripe.

Stand Up Bass Techno Mix
Stand Up Bass Techno Mix
3 years ago

The comrades be like all smart and stuff as they leave online tracks everywhere on social media.
Hat tip to Kommandant Dorsey and the Zuckerborg for not deleting anything by fellow travelers.