Denver police, MSM told us the killer of the Trump supporter was a ‘guard’ — total lie


The media and the Denver Police told us that Matt Dolloff, the killer of a Trump supporter, Navy veteran Lee Keltner — is a security guard. Allegedly, News 9 hired him via Pinkerton to protect the reporter.

Well, it seems the ‘guard,’ Dolloff, has a long, radical history, and no license as a guard. The

The ‘guard’ is clearly anti-Trump, anti-cop, pro-Bernie, former Occupy, BLM, and Antifa. His friend is also Antifa.

Mr. Keltner isn’t a member of any group or the particular group that organized the rally. He was there for the police.

The Denver police said Dolloff was not affiliated with any radical group, but he clearly is:

The Police are likely afraid they will be defunded.

Dolloff does not have a license to serve as a guard:

Twitter is making everyone remove the tweets that say the ‘guard’ is left-wing and Antifa. It’s like living in Russia.

The media and BLM are trying to demonize the murdered man, but you can’t believe them.

The murdered man’s family needs to sue everyone involved, especially Pinkerton, the police, the killer, the ‘News 9’ station, and everyone. Actually, they are planning to sue (read below).


Several threads are giving the lie to the police and media:

Reporters are told by Twitter to remove tweets telling the truth, calling him left-wing:

He’s a Bernie commie:

Another thread:


The photojournalist was ready with the camera, caught the casing leaving the gun:


Lee Keltner, the police supporter, was murdered in front of his son. He’s a Navy veteran and a Grandfather. You can still get actual news from the UK or Australia, and that’s where I had to go to get this information.

Mr. Keltner was shot in the head. He had no chance of survival.

Carol Keltner, who identified herself as the victim’s mother, shared the update in a Facebook group called Northeast Arkansas Tea Party Group.

“My son Lee was at the patriot rally today in Denver,” she wrote.

“His 24-year-old son was with him,” she added. “I moved to Arkansas because Colorado got too expensive and liberal. The left has gotten out of hand.”

Jay Keltner, who identified himself as the victim’s son, also posted to Facebook about his father.

“I can’t believe my dad’s gone,” he wrote. “This will never be right #RIP.”

Jay Keltner told The Sun that he was not with his dad at the rally.

Suzan Keltner, the victim’s sister, told the New York Post that the son who was present at the rally is having a difficult time coping after his father was killed.

“He was there,” she said. When asked if her nephew was doing OK, she said, “No, no, he’s not.”

She later added: “There’s going to be a lawsuit, so I’m not sure how much we can let out.”

Keltner was described in other social media tributes as a “loving husband, father, and friend” who would help those in need.

“After the rally, a person on the BLM and Antifa side went up to him said a few nasty words then shot him in the head. He was murdered because he backed the police,” she continued.

BLM is lying about him to US media, and that is what they are reporting.

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