Deported Multiple Times, Kills Two Deputies, Laughs, Curses Their Families in Court


h/t Jim Soviero

They deported Luis Enrique Monroy Bracamontes, 37, a number of times, but he came back again and again until he finally murdered two Northern California sheriff’s deputies. On Tuesday, his murder trial began with him cursing out a partner of one of the slain officers, calling him a “coward” because he was able to escape the heavy gunfire.

Bracamontes has repeatedly admitted to murdering two deputies in court hearings, and at the start of his trial Tuesday his own lawyer essentially convicted the illegal immigrant of killing Sacramento sheriff’s Deputy Danny Oliver and Placer sheriff’s Deputy Michael Davis Jr. in a daylong spree of violence that started in a Motel 6 parking lot near Arden Fair Mall.

“Let me be clear and up front,” public defender Jeffrey Barbour told the jury hearing his case. “Mr. Bracamontes is responsible for the death of Deputy Danny Oliver and Detective Michael Davis.

Bracamontes has been giggling and tormenting the jury and families of the slain officers.

“I wish I had killed more of the mother——-s,” Bracamontes told the court. He continued: “I will break out soon and I will kill more, kill whoever gets in front of me…There’s no need for a f—ing trial.”

The Sacramento Superior Court judge rebuked him according to The Sacramento Bee.

He is the personification of evil, but just the same, his defense attorneys are trying to have him declared mentally unfit to stand trial. Being evil is now being equated with mental illness. The defense says he can’t get a fair trial, and get this, you know why? Because of President Trump and the alleged anti-immigrant sentiment.

This creature murdered two police officers and then told people how he wanted more of the “mother*****s” but it’s Trump’s fault.

At a hearing before the trial, Bracamontes said “F— you,” to the judge who tried to keep him quiet. He then began shouting threats at the two jurors in the case and at family members of the slain deputies.

“I’m going to kill one of you motherf——-,” Bracamontes said as jurors were escorted out on White’s orders.

The judge warned Bracamontes that he would be removed if he refused to halt his outbursts, and his public defenders renewed their request to allow him to plead not guilty by reason of insanity.

His wife Janelle Monroy faces life but she claims she’s innocent based on spousal abuse and drugs.

No one is responsible for anything.

When his mental insanity defense didn’t work, he said, “F— all the stupid cops and f— the families, too,” he said, looking directly at the row of seats where the families of Deputies Danny Oliver and Michael Davis Jr. were seated.

“More f—— cops are going to be killed – soon,” he shouted as deputies escorted him out of the court upon White’s order.

Bracamontes could face the death penalty.

Oh, if only. These guys never get what they deserve, at least not in this life.

Susan Oliver talks about her soft-hearted husband in this next clip. Think about this heartbroken woman and her daughter and remember an illegal alien killed him. No one talks about the victims of illegal aliens, just about how wonderful they all are. We need an orderly, lawful system of immigration, not open borders.

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