Derek Chauvin and the case for not guilty


The following clip from Ben Shapiro’s show is very interesting and gives a different take on the Derek Chauvin case.  Every one should hear it. All we hear is you have to hate Chauvin and you must parrot the words, ‘he is guilty.’

Ben Shapiro believes the jury is wrong and, considering the jury had no questions of the judge and decided in ten hours, he wonders if they even examined the evidence The reason being the second- and third-degree murder charges seem unsupportable to him on a logical level.

Those charges do not seem justifiable beyond a reasonable doubt.

Third-degree murder does not even apply and the judge originally dumped it since it applies to a specific matter not applicable to him — when you intend to cause harm to others as when you shoot into a crowd. They convicted him of the charge anyway.

Second-degree murder means he intended to commit a felonious assault and to not engage in a normal procedure routinely used. It’s not that he went too far but that he intended to commit felony assault. That was not proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

Manslaughter was the easiest case to prove. It means recklessness and is backed by evidence.

The President sounded off about it, Maxine Waters threatened the jury, and the entire media declared this trial was a foregone conclusion and it was insulting to have to listen to a defense. There was a settlement during the trial as well, and constant BLM threats to burn the city down. The idea that this didn’t affect the jury “beggars the imagination,” Shapiro says.

Floyd had more than three times the amount of fentanyl in his sytem to cause death and he had other drugs in his system, he had a severe arterial blockage, he said he couldn’t breathe before he was on the ground, he resisted arrest, he asked to be taken out of the car and put on the ground, he was actively talking just before he died showing his throat wasn’t blocked, and there was no damage to his trachea or arteries on the side of his neck..perhaps the jury just ignored all that.

[In addition, his oxygen was at 98% – how could he have been asphysiated?]

The one charge that was never brought and which was the charge he was convicted of was that he is emblematic of a racist police force and a racist nation. There is not even an allegation of racism but he was the symbol for it.

That was the real charge and the one being used by the despicable President of the United States, Joe Biden. It is being used by the Left and the media. It was the real charge.

Watch for more:

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