Desperate Dems Are Worried the Election Will Be Illegitimate


Desperate Democrats could be setting us up. Some cybersecurity researchers are accusing Russian trolls of meddling i the midterms.

The New York Times claims Russia deployed “trolls and bots” to meddle in the US midterm elections. The Russians aren’t happy with the accusation. They say it is just an attempt by the Democratic Party to pre-emptively explain its likely defeat. That’s according to Russian State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin.

“The US Democrats are at it again, accusing Russia of election meddling. We saw the same thing in 2016, when [Donald] Trump became the US President,” the top official noted on social media on Monday.

“American voters do not vote Democrat solely because of the problems that came to be because of them. They should hold themselves accountable,” he suggested.

The lawmaker was referencing the New York Times report on Sunday, which detailed alleged claims by US “cybersecurity researchers” that the Russian government was conducting “information operations to influence American elections.”

“The campaigns show not only how vulnerable the American political system remains to foreign manipulation but also how purveyors of disinformation have evolved and adapted to efforts by the major social media platforms to remove or play down false or deceptive content,” the NYT reported.

Who knows, but it does sound like Democrat desperation.

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