Desperate Dems Make Demands on Mueller Report, Scream Cover-Up


Attorney General Bill Barr and his Deputy Rod Rosenstein arrived at the Department of Justice early on Sunday to go over those summary items that can be released to the public at this time. Since the report includes information of both counterintelligence and criminal probes, some of it can never be released.

The summary will likely be released this afternoon.

Democrats are doubling down on their attacks. Not only will they continue their fishing expeditions, looking for a crime, but they are also screaming cover-up by their formerly-beloved Department of Justice.


Far-far-left Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) told MSNBC host Joy Reid Saturday that he doesn’t trust Bill Barr. He still trusts Robert Mueller but not Barr. Lewis did not offer any justification.  He also said he wants full transparency of even the most secret data in the Mueller report.

For her part, Joy Reid thinks Mueller is part of a conspiracy. It has the “seeds of a cover-up” she said.

That is the tactic they will take — demonization of anyone who doesn’t say or do what they want.


Rep. Jerrold Nadler, the far-left Chair of the powerful House Judiciary Committee said on Fox News Sunday that this is a case of the President “subverting the Constitution.” He demands the entire report be released, even though that would involve breaking the law. For example, it’s illegal to release grand jury information.

Nadler insisted there was a lot of collusion and cited the Don Jr. Trump Tower meeting. Collusion is not a crime. He suggested it is a crime, regardless of what the conclusions are.

His other line of attack is he needs all the information in the report because his body is the only one that can bring charges against the President. If he doesn’t get the full report, it will amount to a cover-up, he asserted.

His committee will keep fishing for a crime and will continue to investigate the President. He wants the entire report so he can find something with which to continue his witch hunt.

The Democrat partisan spewed a litany of harmless comments and opinions by the President and characterized them as criminal in nature.

Nadler said he is looking “for abuse of power.” He need look no further than his committee.

Mark Levin explained that it is illegal to release some of this information.

Democrats are threatening the special counsel and the Attorney General with subpoenas. A twenty-year law does not permit release of grand jury information, FBI raw notes, classified information, and he must make certain people are not smeared who are not charged. The DOJ is not the impeachment arm of the Democrat Party.

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Rainbow Stew Bubble Up
Rainbow Stew Bubble Up
4 years ago

I’m glad that all of the problems facing the nation are solved and the democrats have plenty of time to put obstacles up for Trump.
Are the suburban soccer moms happy with their Goggle influenced midterm vote or too busy riding on the rainbow colored unicorn fart powered high speed rail to Hawaii and Europe that esteemed party member comradette Cortez built with her little pony?

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

These evil zealots have no use for any rule of law, they are committed to bringing down Trump by any means necessary, read Greenfield articles-‘NY Times Op Ed: Trump is Guilty No Matter What Mueller Report Says’ and ‘The Mueller Report Proves The Media Is False News.’