Desperate Left says stopping CRT is a violation of 1st Amendment rights


The Left is very upset about the blowback on CRT and the 1619 Project as they move forward with their indoctrination of the nation’s children. They claim trying to stop it is a violation of their First Amendment rights.

Axios, a far-left ‘news’ outlet, is pleading the case for teachers, administrators, and college professors who are facing fines or termination over teaching the racist Critical Race Theory and 1619 Project.

The left is pretending CRT and 1619 are anti-racism programs.

Axios reports that impeding instructors is raising free speech concerns. Conveniently, the left cares about free speech in this case.

There are “concerns amid an absence of consistent parameters about what teachings are in or out of bounds.”

The problem for the left is the 21 states that have introduced proposals to limit lessons about racism and history.

That’s rich since CRT is a racist program and 1619 is fake history.

via Axios:

“CRT says that policies and practices in areas from law to education to banking contribute to persistent racial inequalities and are designed to conserve white supremacy.”

“The Alabama State Board of Education believes the United States of America is not an inherently racist country, and that the state of Alabama is not an inherently racist state,” according to a draft resolution by the board to ban critical race theory.

Then the outlet goes back to pontificating about racist [Democrat] Alabama during the 50s and 60s as if that is still the case.

The bottom line for Axios is: Educators and writers of color say banning critical race theory is really an attempt to sugarcoat U.S. history.
  • “The current infrastructure of oppression was built on silence, and built on willful ignorance and built on a purposeful erasing of history,” Baratunde Thurston, How To Citizen podcast host and author of How to Be Blacktold Axios.
  • “I think this is such a deliberate tactic at erasing our history…the history of black and Hispanic folks. This has always been a tactic of white supremacy,” said Edgar Villanueva, author of Decolonizing Wealth: Indigenous Wisdom to Heal Divides and Restore Balance.
  • Educators say they fear they might not be able to discuss Juneteenth — even after President Biden signed a bill last week making the day a national holiday.

They then go on about how during the Cold War, US history and social studies classes romanticized the Founding Fathers and downplayed slavery and the “extermination of Native Americans” to “fight future “brainwashing” by Communist countries.”

They’re not too biased.

CRT is racist and the Left wants to engrain it into the system — that would be systemic racism.

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