Desperate Liz Has 2 House Dems Begging Wyoming Dems to Vote for Her


Desperate Liz Cheney is mailing absentee ballot applications to Wyoming voters’ homes. She also has some Democrats crossing party lines to vote for her.

Two House Democrats from New Jersey and Minnesota are begging members of their own party in Wyoming to vote for Liz. They want them to “consider” changing their affiliations ahead of the state’s contentious Republican primary on Aug. 16 to back incumbent Cheney.

According to ABC, in separate Facebook advertisements from an organization called Wyomingites Defending Freedom And Democracy, Reps. Tom Malinowski and Dean Phillips asked Wyoming Democrats to “consider temporarily switching parties” to vote for Cheney.

ABC thought this worthy of reporting, but there are only 43 people enrolled on the page. They also have a new website just for Cheney, which no one reads. It barely registers as existing. Cheney’s people probably put it up. That’s just a guess, but a good one. She will resort to anything.

A handful of Democrats are also on the site saying they switched temporarily to vote for her as a thank you. If, by some fluke, the small number of Democrats in Wyoming could get her over the finish line in the primary, Wyoming might end up with a Democrat in the House. The people in Wyoming don’t want traitors and don’t want to vote for her.

The strategy seeks to keep Cheney in power as she faces tough competition from Harriet Hageman. Ms. Hageman is endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

Liz Cheney has faced strong opposition from her own party in Wyoming over her vote to impeach Trump after January 6, 2021, and her involvement in the House Select Committee to investigate the events of that day, as Daily Wire reports.


According to Wendell Husebo, GOP voter registration numbers in Wyoming have grown by a small margin as Rep. Liz Cheney invited Democrats to change parties to vote in the open Republican primary on August 16, while Democrat voter registration numbers have shrunk.

The total amount of Wyoming voters is slightly more than 284,500. About 6,000 have recently registered as Republicans. If approximately 6,000 non-Republicans have registered as Republicans to vote for Cheney, that number amounts to about 2 percent of the total electorate–assuming 100 percent turnout among registered voters. Polling shows that Cheney is trailing conservative challenger Harriet Hageman – endorsed by former President Donald Trump – by 30 points.

“There aren’t enough Democrats in Wyoming to save her, but this confirms that Liz Cheney has effectively switched parties,” Hageman adviser Tim Murtaugh told Newsweek.

Fake conservative Bill Kristol wants everyone to vote for Liz Cheney.

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