Desperate NY bar owner tells a much different story from Sheriff’s Office


A Staten Island bar owner, who has opened his bar out of desperation and in defiance of Mayor de Blasio’s and Governor Cuomo’s orders, told his story last night on ‘Hannity.’ He is accused of ramming his car into a Sheriff’s Deputy, breaking his legs, as he tried to escape arrest.

The Sheriff’s Office is accused of outright lying. The owner, Danny Presti, and his lawyer spoke on ‘Hannity’ Monday night to explain his side of the story.

Mr. Presti said that he was frightened as men all in black ran after him. The only thing they said, according to him, was, “Hey, Presti.” Mr. Presti said they never identified themselves.

His lawyer said the allegation that the deputy’s legs were broken is false, and that he was hardly hurt at all.

Just from our standpoint here, why in the world did this deputy jump in front and possibly on Mr. Presti’s car as the bar owner was obviously desperate to get away? That is especially the case given it was a very low-level beef. It’s not as if he was going to hop on a plane to Ecuador.


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