When asked to denounce Marxism, GA candidate refuses to answer


When Senator Kelly Loeffler asked Rev. Raphael Warnock if he would renounce Marxism and socialism, he would not answer the question. He cleverly evaded with talk of his father’s business and her dumping of stocks.

During the debate, hosted by the Atlanta Press Club at Georgia Public Broadcasting’s studio, Republican candidate Sen. Kelly Loeffler posed the question to Warnock about socialism and Marxism following a number of Warnock’s sermons, speeches, and writings surfacing that embrace facets of the controversial ideologies.


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“Rev. Warnock, in your writings and your teachings, you’ve repeatedly praised Marxism and the redistribution of income,” Loeffler said. “Can you here and now for all Georgians renounce socialism and Marxism?”

It’s a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question. He did not renounce it, he evaded it.

Raphael Warnock is a liberation theologist, which means he uses Marxism as the basis for his religion. It’s radical and he is radical.

A dead giveaway is that the Marxists in the Democrat Party are in Georgia working to get him over the finish line. That includes Stacey Abrams, Alexandria O-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, and so on. He is their candidate.

The media has given him a free pass.

Warnock, the pastor of the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta and a committed Black Liberation theologian who, to date, has not been asked about the troubling issue of his political religion.

Loeffler pointed out continuously during the debate that Warnock is a “radical liberal.” He has staunchly supported Black Lives Matter, the elimination of cash bail, and the defunding of police.


The two Democratic candidates are compromised and dangerous:

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