Desperate Pelosi says it’s Obama’s economy, accuses Trump of drugging & more


An infuriated, defensive Nancy Pelosi spoke to the press a day after the acquittal and it was wild. She accused the President of being on drugs, said it was “entirely appropriate” and “dignified” to tear up the SOTU, and this is Obama’s economy.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, now infamously, publicly tore up the brilliant State of the Union speech. If you go back through the video, you will see her fumbling with pages, appearing to tear at the edges in preparation for her big scene.

Whether it was planned or not, she did serious damage to the decorum of the event. She was very distracting during the President’s speech.

Professor Jonathan Turley said if she doesn’t apologize, she should resign. Instead of taking that suggestion, she doubled down.

On Thursday, she repeated a number of statements she reportedly made in a closed-door meeting with her caucus on Wednesday, including calling it ‘Reality TV.’

Pelosi said she felt “liberated” and claimed she “tore up his manifesto of mistruths.” The California Democrat lashed out at President Trump for the “falsehoods’ she claims he spread, but she didn’t say what they were.

About the tearing up of the SOTU, she said, “It was necessary to get the attention of the American people to say, ‘This is not true, and this is how it affects you,’” she said. “And I don’t need any lessons from anybody — especially the president of the United States — about dignity.”


The president misrepresented a number of things, according to the infuriated speaker who said he falsely claimed that he and Republicans have protected people with pre-existing conditions and taking credit for the economic progress during his presidency, which Pelosi said was a result of President Barack Obama’s policies.

Barack Obama’s economy??? Is she serious?

She said the President “inherited a momentum of job creation” from Barack Obama, when, in fact, he inherited an anemic economy. President Obama was the first president to not deliver a single year of 3.0 percent economic growth. His economic policies failed America, the debt rose to an astronomical $20 Trillion and more Americans were on welfare and left the workforce.

Pelosi won’t work on reducing the price of pharmaceutical drugs so she blames the President for that too.

The woman actually said it was “appalling” that Trump tried to discredit “the triumph of the Obama Administration on the economy.”

Seriously, that is what she said.



Pelosi laughingly added that it was “entirely appropriate” for her to tear up the speech, and said, “considering some of the other exuberances … [it was] the courteous thing to do.” She also called it a “dignified act.”

The House speaker said she has tried to be “gracious” with Trump throughout his presidency.

Perhaps she has dementia. She could be one of the congresspeople who gets Alzheimer meds from the local pharmacy.

“I feel very liberated. I feel very liberated. I have extended every possible courtesy,” she said. “I’ve shown every level of respect.”

When? We must have missed that.


Pelosi said that she had extended a “hand of friendship” to the president as he stepped up to the House chamber’s dais on Tuesday to welcome him — but he did not take her hand.

“It was also an act of kindness,” she said, “Because he looked to me like he was a little sedated. He looked like that last year.”

The President might not have seen her hand extended. He wasn’t looking in her direction and he didn’t shake Mike Pence’s hand either.

Pelosi said the president’s decision to not shake her hand had nothing to do with her later ripping up his speech. She said she is a speed-reader, and once she got through the first quarter or third of the address, “I started to think there has to be something that clearly indicates to the American people that this is not the truth.”

“He has shredded the truth in his speech, he shredded the Constitution in his conduct, I shredded his state of his mind address,” she said before walking away from the podium, ending the news conference.

She accused him of being on drugs.



When asked if she would support House committee chairmen sending subpoenas for former White House national security adviser John Bolton to testify, the California Democrat replied that Trump should be held to oversight.

“Our purpose in all of this, in addition to holding him accountable, so he stops doing what he’s doing and no future president thinks she or he could have liberty to take us away from a republic if you can keep it to a Second Amendment enables me to do whatever I want — no. That’s not what our Constitution is about,” Pelosi said at her weekly press conference on Thursday after suggesting that Trump was drugged up.

Instead of referencing Article II of the Constitution, she said it was the Second Amendment.

That is a strange error to make. It seems to indicate she knows nothing about our Constitution or she’s losing it.



With glee, she said he will be impeached forever.

“I want to first salute our managers, I think they did a magnificent job in presenting the case for our Founders, for our Constitution, for our country. We could not have been better served, each and every one of them did a magnificent job. And Adam Schiff’s leadership was a blessing to our country. I am proud of the work that the Senate did in terms of their response to all of this and their unanimous vote on the House Democrats in support of our Constitution. We — the Senate has spoken in terms of any punishment to the president, he’s impeached forever, no matter what he says or whatever headlines he wants to carry around, you’re impeached forever, you’re never getting rid of that scar. History will always record that you were impeached…”


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