Recall Mitt Romney Effort Launched


#ReCallMittRomney Launches Campaign to Recall Senator Mitt Romney


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Lonny Leitner


February 6, 2020

#ReCallMittRomney Launches Campaign to Recall Senator Mitt Romney  

Senator Mitt Romney’s vote to convict was all about himself, not the people of Utah

Purcellville, VA – #ReCallMittRomney, a project of American Majority Action launches campaign to recall slick and slippery Mitt Romney.

President Donald J. Trump has a 49% approval rating according to Gallup, his highest since taking office.  Ninety-four percent of Republicans in that same poll support President Trump.  According to The Salt Lake Tribune and Suffolk University, 57% of Utahns support President Trump and 60% do not want him removed from office.  Mitt Romney on the other hand only has a 46% approval rating.  His vote to convict President Trump goes against the will of the people of Utah and against the will of Republican voters nationwide.

Ned Ryun, President of American Majority Action said “it is time to recall Mitt Romney.”

Mitt Romney has been posing as a Republican for years, but after his vote to convict, where by the way he was the first senator in United States history to vote for the conviction of a president of the same party, his cover is blown.  He is the Democrat Party’s secret asset and worse, he is a member of the resistance.  The people of Utah were lied to and tricked into thinking they were voting for a conservative Republican, which Mitt Romney is not.  Mitt Romney’s cover is blown.  Mitt Romney is a liar.  Mitt Romney should be recalled from office.

In a timely move, the Utah House of Representatives is considering bills that would allow for a petition to recall a United States Senator.

#ReCallMittRomney is calling for all American’s who love their country and love their president to join our campaign today.


About American Majority Action

#ReCallMittRomney is a project of American Majority Action (AMA).  AMA is a national conservative organization dedicated to engaging citizens in the political process by mobilizing them in support of candidates who favor limited government, individual freedom and protecting the free market. AMA is founded on the belief that citizen engagement at the local, state and Federal levels will foster needed systemic change to preserve the American dream. 

Visit us on the web at

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