Despicable smear merchants disgraced but MSNBC will still book them


The Lincoln Project was the most ubiquitous and vile of social media sites during the election cycle. They never bothered with evidence or policy discussions and spent their time launching personal attacks on President Trump or anyone who dared support him. They were deeply invested in the cancel culture, and now they’re canceled. Many are cheering, especially donors.

The funding for TLP is drying up. Donors are holding back funding or considering it. Some give donations as a form of hush money to keep The Lincoln Project mafia from smearing them.

CNBC writes: Several of the people close to the group’s donors declined to be named because they were concerned about retribution by Lincoln Project leaders and their allies.

When you keep bad company, you never know how it will fall back on you. It’s best to always listen to your conscience. TLP was among the most despicable and effective smear merchants on social media.

News came out yesterday that the FBI was investigating The Lincoln Project for concealing the perverse nature of John Weaver’s seduction of young men, and in at least one case, a young boy.


According to 19th News, they interviewed current and former employees who described a workplace where women in key positions were sidelined and where the sexist and homophobic language was used by those in leadership posts.

‘Nearly all of them said they feared speaking publicly about their experiences with the Lincoln Project and its remaining co-founders. Many cited their tendency to “go nuclear,” as several put it when faced with internal dynamics that could undermine the public image they cultivated with their liberal fans,’ the report states.


Yashar Ali posed a question of MSNBC and tweeted their response: Given all the investigations and potential violations of federal law, I asked MSNBC if they planned on booking anyone associated with Lincoln Project on their shows. Per a source: “We’ll continue to book guests who are associated with the Lincoln Project as news warrants.”

The Lincoln Project tried to kill the story of the ‘toxic workplace’ last night by releasing DMs between @AmandaBecker and @NHJennifer.

The Lincoln Project leaders deny knowing about it but John Weaver’s seductive tweets are all over Twitter, and There is evidence they discussed it.

The rats are deserting the ship. Steve Schmidt resigned along with Jennifer Horn, George Conway, and others, have resigned. The Lincoln Project is done, cooked, laid to rest.

As if all we know isn’t enough, it seems that Weaver the perv once ran a child’s boutique.

The end.
Watch the clip:

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