Despot Gov renews COV fiats 2 days after voters opt to curb his powers


Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf signed a renewal of the state’s disaster order related to the coronavirus pandemic. He did it two days after voters approved two measures to curb his powers in disasters, PennLive reports. The vote was 52% in favor with 48% opposed.

The COV disaster order would have expired Thursday.

One constitutional amendment ends a governor’s emergency disaster declaration after 21 days. That’s down from the current 90-day orders which can be renewed indefinitely. And it would be up to the General Assembly to decide whether to extend the orders.

A second amendment gives lawmakers the authority to extend a disaster declaration or end it at any time with a simple majority vote, eliminating the need for a governor to sign off on it as is currently the case.


“COVID-19 vaccinations have increased dramatically in recent weeks and we are making significant progress in the fight to stop the spread of COVID-19,” Wolf said in a statement. “As previously announced, we are lifting all mitigation measures on Memorial Day, but we need just a little more time under this current disaster declaration to ensure that we do not risk valuable resources that will help Pennsylvania recover from the pandemic.

“The disaster declaration allows more medical professionals to administer vaccines, ensures families harmed financially by the pandemic have access to healthy food through SNAP benefits, and ensures Pennsylvania counties and businesses remain eligible for federal disaster recovery dollars.”

Wolf has said COVID-19 restrictions on businesses and gatherings will expire on Memorial Day, Monday, May 31. Wolf arbitrarily decided that until 70% of the state’s adults are vaccinated, he will make people wear masks. [Pennsylvania is at 50%] What if they never get to 70%?

He could lift the restrictions on businesses and gatherings on the 28th. That way restaurants can try to begin recouping losses, but he probably won’t.

This declaration is an in-your-face to the GOP. What good is it to extend it to Memorial Day?


GOP lawmakers said the votes to amend Pennsylvania’s constitution to limit his powers in disasters reflects the public’s dissatisfaction of his management and his lack of cooperation with lawmakers. Lawmakers have argued Wolf’s actions have done more damage to the state’s economy, shuttering businesses and costing jobs.

Wolf said in his statement he informed lawmakers of his renewal.

“We will continue to monitor vaccination rates and adjust mitigation orders accordingly,” Wolf said in his statement. “I have been in touch with the General Assembly regarding this extension, and we will continue to collaborate on the future of this disaster declaration and any future declarations that become necessary to help Pennsylvanians in the midst of an emergency.”

Meanwhile, the measures to curb his powers won’t go into effect until June 7th at the earliest.

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