Military vet blasts school over equity statement: “We will be free always”


You’re only job is education, not indoctrination…It’s courage, character, not color, not gender that makes this nation great…we are Americans first, and we will be free always.

In Florida, a video of a veteran reacting to his school board’s ‘racial equity statement’ is going viral. That’s a great thing. Americans are beginning to speak out against indoctrination in our public schools.

The Florida military veteran railed against the school’s racial equity statement.

[Equity means racism. We are a nation that is built on Equality.]

“The school board recently adopted an equity statement. Why? Your only job is education, not indoctrination,” the unidentified man shouted at the Palm Beach County school board, resulting in cheers from the audience.

“Attention board members: Our nation is a republic! We are the people, we have a voice, our votes are our weapons, and we will use them in 2022 and beyond,” the man continued. “We in the military, our blood, our sweat, is the equity. It is courage, character; not color, not gender, that makes this nation great. Working Americans are united, we are not divided. Stop trying to incite division among us.”

“We are Americans first, and we will be free always,” he said at the end of the clip.


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