Despots everywhere! Radio show won’t play songs by the unvaxxed


“They’re dividing us from the ground up. Local Vancouver radio show announces they will soon only play music by vaccinated artists,” tweeted Ian Miles Cheong. He linked to an article on Rebel News. The title of the piece says it all: Local Vancouver radio show announces they will soon only play music by vaccinated artists.

If you’re not vaccinated, they won’t play your music.

Obviously, this is totalitarian insanity.

The Vancouver Co-op Radio show “Unsigned BC” has announced that it will no longer play music by unvaccinated musicians on the show.

In a post on Instagram that appears to have since been deleted, Unsigned BC explained the move:

I’m sorry if this upsets you, but your actions upset me. I understand you are scared and confused and that is why I haven’t posted anything. But it’s time to grow up. I’m done with the kid gloves.

Please don’t message me, you won’t convince me. I am very confident in my education and ability to process information. Don’t tell me about the law or your rights, I have a JD and you will just sound even more dumb.

It’s not clear how they will confirm the vaccination status of artists who make submissions. This radio show is a place for inclusivity and diversity. That’s the pathetic joke of it all.

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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
9 months ago

This is why I have an I-pod. I play what I want whenever I want and don’t have to listen to the no talent screamers, people covering their lack of singing talent with loud obnoxious guitars, those yelling at me with insults aimed at almost everything, perverts and their sexualized noise, so called country music straight from the gutter, politicized music(?), etc. If I listen to the radio at all it is talk radio.

9 months ago

This is simple, stop listening. Radio Stations are a dime a dozen. If people stop listening their ad revenue goes down.