Details emerge of Pelosi’s power grab in her 2 trillion dollar Covid-19 bill


The Covi-19 bill is 1,119 pages long and it is supposed to target the effects of the illness. Thanks to Rachel Bovard’s summary on Twitter, we don’t have to go through the bill in depth. Included here are some of Nancy Pelosi’s demands in the emergency rescue package. The hand of the socialist Green New Deal and corrupt voting are in these demands. It’s a power grab.

  1. “Conducting risk-limiting audits of results of elections”
  1. Bail out the postal service.

  2. Establish woke rules:

4. Require early voting.

5. Same day voter registration.

6. Does collective bargaining belong in a virus relief bill? Democrats think so.

7. Require airlines to fully offset their carbon emissions. It is not going to save the airlines.

  1. Publicly report greenhouse gas emissions from flights.

9. Set up every community with a retirement enhancement act. Don’t they need jobs first as opposed to a big government retirement on top of SS?


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3 years ago

Get off your fat azz Mitch, find a soap box somewhere (or everywhere) in the media, and go before the American people as Senate Majority Leader (?) and let everyone know where the bear craps. In this case it isn’t in the woods….just a clue Mitch! It’s on your desk. Get a life you worthless pos!

3 years ago

The Prisoner…..right you are !

Mitch McConjob…..just another CONgressweasel.

3 years ago

I hope every out of work American sees this. Can’t even imagine the Dems are dumping this ‘Green Slime’ into the mix for much needed financial support of our key industries and their workers. Totally disgusting but in reality par for the course for illiterate Nancy and kill the ‘Supremes’ Schumer.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 years ago

Mitch could easily win this debate if he were man enough to go on the MSM and state his case forcefully as Trump does. I doubt Mitch’s level of conviction or ability to lead. He did an awful job the past 4 years dealing with the coup. Now in a national crisis will this man act and give the President some real support? No.

Snarkle Snarkle
Snarkle Snarkle
3 years ago

We’ll have to pass it to find out what’s in it comrades.