This is why the right doesn’t trust Dr. Fauci


Our economy is in the process of being seriously damaged in order to maintain a stay-in-place order that seems to delay but not stop the virus. The hope is it will stop it enough or slow it enough to give science time to develop a cure and put a vaccine in place.

The right suspects there is more at play since Democrats for the second time today blocked the virus relief bill in order to get unrelated items into the bill.

But there is something else. People on the right are beginning to distrust the power Dr. Fauci has as the President tries to weigh the demands of the medical community and those of business and the economists.


The Weekend Interview Undermining the President?

On Sunday a phone interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci was published by Science Mag. During the interview, he undermined Trump and promoted himself, although he was largely supportive of the President.

He was asked how he managed to not get fired, and he responded within the bounds, but he was skating close to the edge.

“Well, that’s pretty interesting because to his [President’s] credit, even though we disagree on some things, he listens. He goes his own way. He has his own style. But on substantive issues, he does listen to what I say,” he responded.

The interviewer asked what he disagrees with the President about, and Dr. Fauci said not on substance, just style.

“It is expressed in a way that I would not express it, because it could lead to some misunderstanding about what the facts are about a given subject,” he said, carefully letting the President down. Was this necessary?

Here’s an example:

He could be just laughing with him.

The interviewer asked, “You stood nearby while President Trump was in the Rose Garden shaking hands with people. You’re a doctor. You must have had a reaction like Sir, please don’t do that.”

He said, “Yes, I say that to the task force. I say that to the staff,” he said. “We should not be doing that. Not only that–we should be physically separating a bit more on those press conferences. To his credit, the Vice President [Mike Pence] is really pushing for physical separation of the task force [during meetings].”

This Is Allegedly the Big One:

The interviewer said the President wishes China had told them three or four months sooner and were very secretive. But by January 10, the genome sequence of the virus was public. “It doesn’t comport with facts,” Jon, the interviewer said. [Fact: China knew in December and lied to WHO through January 20th about the contagion].

Fauci knows what China did but said, “I know, but what do you want me to do? I mean, seriously Jon, let’s get real, what do you want me to do?” he said, suggesting agreement that the admittedly imprecise President was lying.


Dr. Fauci’s wife is Dr. Christine Grady who was appointed to Obama’s Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues.

Dr. Fauci knew of the dangers to children returning to school during the H1N1 pandemic but downplayed the risk, unlike now. However, H1N1 never threatened to kill millions of people as Cov-19 does:

We are in dangerous times. Capitalism could collapse and if Americans can’t work, they will need a big socialist government.

Dr. Fauci is a wonderful, dedicated doctor who is looking for a cure, but is he in any way biased? That is for you to decide, but do your own research.

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  1. This is very enlightening. At the least, Fauci goes with the flow, which means he follows the popular culture of the MSM.

  2. Bioethical? Red flags right there. That is an Orwellian term for management of the deplorable kulak untermenschen useless eaters herd that the “elites” hate with a passion.
    Anything affiliated with sobama is anathema to the well being of America.
    Just because someone wears a white lab coat and camped out at Marxist U. to escape from reality that doesn’t make them infallible.
    I’ve walked out on clueless hack doctors before and it will probably happen again.

    • Well said. I love how he calls himself a ‘scientist’ and then disregards continuously disregards ideas and methods continuously used by real scientists. I think the guy is a phony with a big ego.

      • At 5’7″ his ego has to be huge. His life is over and Dr. Faust is taking America down with him. He keeps referring to his training, but unlike exact science, they barely had microscopes back than. Step down and let real scientists collaborate.

    • Fauci is a bureaucrat, and I have watched him incite more panic saying”millions are going to die”. He is doing it on purpose. He is another deep stater. His mission, delay, delay for maximum damage to economy. Get rid of him…

  3. I’ve been checking the stats every day of the percentages. The initial percentage figures came up with 2+ million deaths. As the updates continue to roll in the percentage keeps dropping. As of the past hour the rate is about 1.2%. It seems a great deal of the coverage is the hysteria over the huge increase in cases. What??? Nobody expected that when testing became more widespread????

    There ARE a number of things “I” would like to know. Early on it was said the use of Ibuprofen was detrimental with this virus. So, how many of the deaths can be attributed to the use of Ibuprofen? Where are the charts for seasonal flu compared to ALL the charts of Wuhan flu. We certainly cannot downplay This virus because it IS in addition to the regular flu. And we don’t need countless hours of news programs talking with people sitting in their damn homes. When doctors are contributors it’s been a repetition of the same procedures each and every time. Do we need a hundred doctors telling us to wash our hands. But it fills airtime for those in the media Who Are Still Getting Paid Good Salaries and getting Plenty Of Ad Revenue to pay them. It’s turning into a damn soap opera.

    People are comparing the worldwide percentages and “assume” the US will ‘meet’ those figures. There are only a few countries that are skewing those figures. For instance, Italy is at nearly 10%. That alone skews the worldwide rate up a great deal. But still many are using the Italian situation as if it is “inevitable” for this country. Obama and Cuomo exacerbated the issue, with masks and ventilators, respectively.

    He sounds just a bit different in 2009, “under Obama”. I did hear one doctor earlier, who knows Fauci, and thinks, essentially, he is taking it too far, and causing unnecessary panic. If you have a “doctor” who is stoking fear it creates panic and causes the situation we now have, empty shelves.

  4. Fauci is full of himself. Every time Trump brings up these drugs that obviously in many cases have saved people from this virus, Fauci starts speaking against it. His fame on TV has gone to his head, he now thinks he is the expert and knows everything and anything that he has not come up with or suggested isn’t worth considering. Trump needs to tell him to go pound sand.

  5. Every politician involved has an agenda that does not include you and me in their first round of considerations. As the article says, do your own research. Draw your own conclusions. Let common sense and reason guided by experience lead you.
    If someone reached out their hand to me for a greeting handshake, I would not hesitate to shake it. I am 70 and plan on living a lot longer if I can, but I will not live in fear of the boogeymen under the bed.

  6. The guy is clearly a little weasel that I wouldn’t trust as far as he could be thrown by my grandma, and she’s 90. Too many disease experts and especially communicable disease experts think he’s full of crap. He keeps saying he’s a ‘scientist’; bullcrap. He wouldn’t make a pimple on a scientist’s butt as ‘science’ is so much more than statistics, concrete proof, lab results, and 1’s & 0’s. He obviously doesn’t have a clue of what a real scientist does. He’s little more than a little guy with a Napoleon complex that’s getting his 15 minutes of fame.

  7. STOP THIS INSANE PANIC. We don’t need to destroy our economy … this virus will die out naturally if we protect our ‘at risk’ population and regrow our economy. Most of the ‘deaths’ being reported as coming from Covid19 have not been verified by medical autopsies, which means we don’t actually know why those people died. STOP THE PANIC…Dr. Fauci is a bureaucrat/scientist and has been part of the failure of our healthcare bureaucracy to prepare for infectious disease epidemic … these long-time government employees – not the president – are primarily responsible for letting down the American people. Those we thought we could rely upon are proving how unreliable they are. Remember this when they start demanding increased pay. The City and State Public Health service bureaucrats are just as guilty of misfeasance as those FDA/CDC and federal Pudblic Health Service bureaucracies.

  8. Not really much to quibble about with Fauci’s interview unless you’ve fallen prey to an insane adulation: it’s appropriate to chide Trump’s style which often seems more than a bit lightheaded. The response–always reacting a couple of steps behind the virus–hasn’t been that great, altho that’s not really Trump’s fault. Even in the wake of two near pandemics only a couple of countries seem to have embarked on logical planning.

    • Fauci has been wrong at every turn. Every prediction he made was wildly inaccurate and he demeaned the use of medications that Have saved many. I’m an ER nurse. So while trump is saying this medication has promise Fauci wants to undermine that. When from line physicians are asked 3/4 said they would give those medications to their own family if they got sick. So as far as credibility Fauci has none.

      You can’t write letters of adulation about Hillary Clinton, partner with Bill gates and then call yourself non political.

      Fauci should also know that there was a study published in 2009 about the effectiveness and possible use of antimalaria drugs should a Coronavirus outbreak occur. So he’s either incompetent or intentionally political at the expense of lives.

      Trump should fire him immediately.

    • Anyone who loves Hillary and writes her love letters is off their rocker. Also Fauci is enjoying this too much. Quit idolizing this little man with a big ego. He has been wrong at every stage of this thing. People die and he seems not bothered. He poopoos treatments that have shown to effective.

  9. Why are we concerned about Dr.Fauci.Its not relevant.What Is relevant is that this nation and its allies have been attacked by the CCP.They have struck us with a WMD killing far more people than perished in all our wars combined. They have launched WOrld War III and it appears no one has noticed. One major factor being ignored it is very likely the US will be entering into a war economy with all means of production harnessed to overcome and vanquish the CCP who created and deliberately released this horrific weapon of mass destruction on the US and the West. This is no accident. It was a deliberate attack with a WMD. The CCP Virus created at the Wuhan Bioweapons Laboratory is less virulent because it was to be released in China for the purpose of camouflaging their attacks. The CCP Virus released in the West was created to be far more virulent and lethal. Folks, the CCP has struck the West with a weapon far more lethal than Pearl Harbor and 9/11. They have launched WW III and no one has noticed. Millions will die and China plans to emerge as the leading world power. The US must respond with a massive nuking of all CCP military installations and scientific centers. I don’t care if we kill a billion Chinese. The CCP deliberately planned and executed the ultimate horror on us and they have to not only be paid back but totally devastated.

    • Actually how about the fact that Fauci made the thing? When a moratorium was put on US research into gain of function for corona virus back in 2015, guess who had the chimera virus sent to China along with a $100Million+ research grant? I will give you a hint, he was in charge of USAID at the time… you cant make this shit up… The question is, why has he not been lynched yet, and why does noone know this.

    • Dr Fauci said he’d basically been with the government for 50 years. Has he been in the trenches with other Doctors or in bureaucracy for those years? Practicing or in an office.

  10. And the hoax and farce continues while America crumbles leaving China the big winner. Thank you Fauci, thank you trump, thank you dems and last but not least, thank you American citizens who remain as dumb as stumps.

    • Trump is not at fault. This is the result of globalism. Trump fights globalism. We have a problem. Most of our drugs come from China. Trump is working to bring all of that production back to this country. What is the hoax, Larry. The virus does exist. The question is did China do it on purpose?

  11. Dr, Fauci is reportedly a friend and admirer of Hillary Clinton, as revealed in 2016 Wikileaks email to her when he heaped praise on her.

  12. I listened to this “Dr. Fauci for the first two times, then it appeared to me, that He loved being in the front of that camera, and at some points POTUS Trump wanted to make, and looking for hope, I kept watching little Fauci, and he was using facial quirks to show his displeasure. Of course HE is the dr. and one of the Many that POTUS Trump looked to, but when I read that Fauci had written a LOVE LETTER to Cheryl Mills on Hillary’s behalf……IMMEDIATELY, I thought ‘More Deep State Players, including the Little Dr. Fauci that I felt acted like a prima donna. Now I see w/this article that his wife was appointed by Obama… I expect that Dr. Fauci will “ALSO MAKE THE NIGHT SHOWS TO ESPOUSE HIS “CELEBRITY AND DISPLEASURE WITH POTUS TRUMP.” He should
    tell the President WHAT he (Dr.) has to say in front of the cameras and NOT contradict the President, once he takes the mic(Dr) which is What I SAW/HEAD and it made me WONDER…now, I don’t have to wonder, I KNOW…..He may WELL be another “Deep State Obama PLant” there are many of them and it takes time to weed out the Phony Bas*ards…..I want to see Rosenstein Gone btw. HE set up the President with the Quick Mueller Magic Trick to replace the “little elf-Sessions-another Plant..

    Just wondering today as I saw A.G. Barr appearing w/Pres.Trump…..WHAT the Hell is HE doing to bring the Corrupt Democrats to the FRONT of the Line, and hand out indictments/trials/prison. Isn’t HE supposed to be a man of Integrity and Honesty as we were told?


  13. When I think about it I find that Fauci is rather quick to diminish different treatments and places emphasis on ‘waiting’ for a future vaccine. It’s as he was dragged to the table with other possible solutions. He keeps stating he’s a “scientist”. In looking at his bio on Wikipedia it seems there’s no indication he’s practiced medicine. He spent two years internship and residency and immediately went to NIH as a clinical associate. This may be why there is such a disparity between him and other doctors working in the field. This isn’t the only field whereby those on the frontlines have succeeded without the organization. A question should be asked if he has any responsibility in the depletion of masks under Obama.

  14. Sundance at CTH searched through the hillary email archive… there’s two completely retch-worthy sycophantic emails to Cheryl Mills about her boss Hillary… so there’s that, as well. He’s a HillaryBot through and through.

    I’m also tired of Fauci rolling his eyes and the Left laughing about the “Deep State Department” remark… trump is right. Anyone who has been watching this unfold knows this. The State Dept has been a central fixture of leftwing shadow government for decades, especially through it’s control of NGOs. Fauci has no expertise in politics or political coups, and is hardly in a position ideologically to grasp this; he should stick to germs

  15. Everyone and I mean everyone thinks that they can do better than the President.
    Who just continues to get $ hit done despite the legions of naysayers…..

  16. please get rid of Dr. Fauci, he is an evil agent of pain and destruction of the world as we know it in general and western civilization and way of life in particular

  17. I am shocked and appalled at the ignorance to facts and science from this administration. Why does a scientist with this man’s credibility get downplayed and a president who is a pathological liar get respect. And as far as alternative treatment, nothing and absolutely nothing has been proven to work without severe consequential side effects. Why would you want a doctor to agree to something that has not been medically proven. That is irresponsible. Even conservative columnist Max Boot agrees that Donald Chump is the worst president of all time. I don’t like Joe Biden or Hill Billy Clinton but this orange dude is egomaniacal, alternative fact driven, and down right clueless. What ever happened to the Republic party of Reagan. Damn I miss those guys.

    • He is not credible. He lied on TV yesterday about the cdc not directing death certificates to reflect Coronavirus as the cause of death in cases where there is no proof. So right off the bat your underlying hatred of trump is on display. Scientists also don’t discourage the use of drugs that are proving to be effective and has research and published studies going back to 2009 as an effective treatment against Coronavirus. Perhaps you need to educate yourself.

      I will also add that Fauci was outspoken of his adoration of corrupt Hillary Clinton and to date every single prediction he has made has been wrong.

      So go f*”k yourself

      You are simply another ignorant moron who uses any opportunity to attack trump. Disgusting pig. You ARE a disgusting pig.

  18. Reading the above comments, I see more paranoia and ignorant thinking than I have seen in years. Dr Fauci and Mr. Trump engage in a little bit of give-and-take which is healthy in a situations where educated opinions can vary. He said that the death rate (1%) would be half what the WHO predicted. That may or may not still be an overstatement. I would like to have the detractors state how much education they have compared to his.

  19. Education does not equate with commonsense. I will not question his medical eduction. I will question his politics.

  20. Not only there’s old trials but there’s recent clinical trials which you can see attached, but implementing these treatments may or will result in complete eradication of the other health issues one may struggle with.
    To name a few, autoimune diseases with or without organ involvement(nervous system, kidneys, lungs, joints, bone, digestive tract etc) but even cancers.
    And all for pennies.
    Combining Hydroxychloroquine with Antivirals or with Azithromycin can treat/cure the disease by addressing the infections(parasitic, bacterial, viral or cocktails of these) and it also exerts an immunomodulatory effect.
    The immunomodulatory effect on its own is a superb one and all for pennies.
    It doesn’t actually hit the dirty vaccine industry only, but most of the other medical specialties.
    Having this info made public is the worst scenario for the dirty vaccine industry which didn’t take it into consideration.
    Many people that suffer for Lyme and coinfections, Babesia(malaria cousin), mold sufferers etc know already considering what they’ve been through and many still deal with this. I feel for them. It’s the corrupt medical system that treats the symptom not the cause. That’s where the money is. Chronic diseases and the dirty vaccine industry bankrupt the health care budget.
    I personally encourage vaccination for certain pathogens as long as they’re efficient 90 % plus but the vaccine has to be clean and shouldn’t have Formaldehyde, Thimerosal, Bromide, MSG, Mice brain cell, Monkey kidney cell culture, Canine kidney cell culture, chicken embryo cell and so on. Vaccines shouldn’t be laced with HCG, HIV, other viruses etc.
    Search “vaccine ingredients list”.
    Mr. Trump gets good and bad input but we all have to appreciate the good ones he brings forward.
    He needs someone that can filter medical research and isn’t biased like Fauci.
    We all get a certain disease at some point in life and we all have the duty to contribute to the restructure of the medical system which is very important to take place soon.
    There’s doctors who successfully used these treatment protocols with complete disappearance of the virus and symptoms within 2 to 10 days. They were tested before and during treatment until complete cure was achieved. The doctors were “forced” to stop.
    Please see attached and filter for yourself based on real data.




  21. You believe what you believe because of the news you listen to. Trump is no doctor, and worse, at odds with medicine because medicine is slow and messes up his ideas about money. You think anyone cared about money during the Spanish flu? You think they cared about it during any epidemic? No, people used to care about lives. If you had it you wouldn’t be online just complaining about politics. Everyone Trump let’s take a stand at his podium has issues. Why would this doctor be different? The fact Dr. Fauci can say anything rational right now is a blessing. Remember that probably your grandmother did not work in a virus lab so you might not believe her if she told you to put hydrogen peroxide up your butt to get rid of cancer. Why would we believe a guy who worked in real estate? Would you want him to perform surgery on your child if it was life-threatening just because he now says he is a surgeon? It just makes no sense.

  22. Quote: “Et comme les virus de la grippe sont particulièrement doués pour ‘muter’ très rapidement, il est quasiment impossible de trouver un vaccin valable.”

    Simon Wain-Hobson a fait sa thèse à l’Université d’Oxford. Depuis 1980 il travaille au sein de l’Institut Pasteur en tant que virologue (le scientifique qui travaille sur les virus). Il a d’abord étudié longtemps le virus du SIDA, avant de se tourner vers une autre maladie virale : la grippe.

    I have doubts he is political.

    Now considering the above and the fact that SOME people that won’t have the flu after being vaccinated, shouldn’t that be but in behalf of the PLACEBO?

    As Dr. Rashid mentioned, are there any underlying health condition for the people that develop a strong reaction or even dying?
    Is the immune system status EVER mentioned or tested for us? No. Are these deaths taking place due to a different health issue that weakened bodies? Yes. Are they made public by that medical center?
    BTW, the yearly regular testing should include immune system status testing – MANDATORY.
    I bet many people don’t know what that even means or that it can be done.
    I personally went through hell to get my immune system tested while I was being suggested Hepatitis B vaccine. Why?
    I was refused being told I’m too young for that and other crap I don’t want to remember.

    If anyone reading had their immune system tested as a direct suggestion from a doctor, let me know. Just curious I am.
    This only should make you wonder what’s going on.

    Dr. Rashid below:

    A concerned citizen


  23. Dr Fauci does more harm than good! What can we do about him??

    Everyone should watch this video but especially see the last few minutes.. in 2017 he basically promised that this was coming. He knew it. I wonder why… hmmm…


  24. Part of the treatment they want to hide from you. Watch out though using it, it might cure other incurable diseases by addressing the causes.
    Some people use Hydroxychloroquine for reumathoid arthritis 20 or 30 years and no side effects.

    a. Asymptomatics:

    Kaletra(Lopinavir/ritonavir) 200 mg/50 mg 2 capsx2 times/day for 10 days


    Without pneumonia

    Kaletra(Lopinavir/ritonavir) 200 mg/50 mg 2 capsx2 times/day plus
    Tamiflu(75 mg): 1 cap x 2 times/day

    Moderate with pneumonia

    Kaletra(Lopinavir/ritonavir 200 mg/ 50 mg: 2 caps x 2/day for 10 days, plus
    Tamiflu (75 mg): 1 cap x 2 times/day, 5 days, plus
    Plaquenil(Hydroxychloroquine 200 mg): 400 mg x 2 times/day loading dose, then 200 mg x 2/day for 5 days.


    – Methylprednisolon: 1 to 2 mg/kg/day, max. 5 days, plus
    – Kaletra(Lopinavir/ritonavir 200 mg/ 50 mg: 2 caps x 2 times/day for 10 days,
    – Kaletra(Lopinavir/ritonavir oral solution, 80 mg/ 20 mg/ ml): 10 ml x 2/day, for 10 days for the ones with naso-gastric tube inserted, plus
    – Tamiflu(75 mg): 1 cap x 2 times/day, 5 days, plus
    – Plaquenil(Hydroxychloroquine 200 mg): 400 mg x 2 times/ day – loading dose, then 200 mg x 2 times/day for 5 days


    Compassionate treatment
    – Remdesivir – 200 mg iv. loading dose the 1st day, followed by 100 mg/day iv. io to 10 days.

    Severe cases – add Roactemra(Tocilizumab 20 mg/ml), 4 – 8 mg/Kg dose.
    Note: Kaletra can be replaced with Rezolsta but there’s no present studies with Rezolsta.

    No studies on Remdesivir, yet Fauci reccomends it?!

  25. It’s all bullshit. Floyd is a massive scam too. If you believe anything you’re told you’re a fool. We’re in the age…believe NONE Of what you hear and HALF of what you see.

    • Trump isn’t responsible for that. Are you really that anxious to vote for communist Democrats and lose all your freedoms?

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