Look at Pelosi’s stimulus demands that are unrelated to Cov-19


Townhall’s political editor Guy Benson has spoken with GOP aides to find out what the holdup is on the new stimulus. As we noted, Speaker Pelosi saw an opportunity here and swooshed in with new demands that have nothing to do with the virus.

According to the report, Democrats are demanding unprecedented collective bargaining powers for unions, increased fuel emissions standards for [struggling] airlines, and the expansion of wind and solar tax credits.

As Pelosi has been quoted saying, she has the GOP “over a barrel.”

Benson’s source told him, “…not only are these completely unrelated to the coronavirus epidemic, they could prevent companies from participating in the loan programs altogether—directly causing unnecessary layoffs.”

Let’s not forget what the Majority Whip said in a call last week: “This is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision,” James Clyburn (D-S.C.) told lawmakers.


She has also wanted oppressive ObamaCare provisions for the uninsured, and provisions to protect individuals from eviction, foreclosure, or forbearance. The wording could suggest permanency. A few weeks ago, she insisted on funding for Planned Parenthood.

The Marxist Speaker has recessed the House so the GOP has to agree to her bill. She will not agree to anything but a bad deal that hurts the President.

After publication, we added a more complete list of demands by the Speaker:

  • bail out the post office,
  • pay off some portion of college loans.
  • publish corporate pay stats by race for all corporate boards,
  • permanent paid leave,
  • mandate a federal minimum wage of $15,
  • commission a study on climate change,
  • rescued companies must abide by the Democrat rules,
  • require early voting and same-day voting,
  • provide cash for unions via official time for collective bargaining,
  • a full offset of airline emissions,
  • the publication of greenhouse gas emissions for flights,
  • cash payments for everyone,
  • double the endowment for the arts to $300 million
  • and retirement plans for newspaper employees — nothing like making newspapers even more beholden to Democrat politicians.

We are the collateral damage:

NB: We added the demands after publication.



  1. We have Nancy as speaker because of Ryan, Mitch and their RINOs. They have a long history of supporting leftist spending bills which delighted dems and exceeded their wildest dreams. Mitch can reap what he sowed. Mitch fears bad press, cannot take pressure, let’s see how little of a man he is. He’s been made a fool of again, and fighting back with a little speech in the senate is not leadership. The President needs fighters as allies in positions of power, not Mitch.

  2. You never let a crisis go to waste. These vultures must think that all of us are as clueless as their delusional hivemind groupthink followers.
    They are in league with the CCP and that is where their loyalty lies.
    After all the Chicoms have made Nancy and Feinstein rich.

  3. Obviously Congress is unwilling to tackle one issue that has stifled effective measures. Federal regulations. Regulators have ‘scrambled’ to waive regulations, restrictions etc. in order to accomplish necessary functions in dealing with the epidemic. Maybe these bureaucrats wouldn’t have to now work 24/7 if there wasn’t such an overburdening regulatory state. How much progress over the years have been lost due to these agencies. What they ‘have’ accomplished is jobs for bureaucrats and regulators and the associated private sector that has to manage it. The public should browse through an OSHA manual and see what we have wrought with these people. There are many areas that resulted in jobs moving overseas, which brought home this China virus.

  4. McConnell needs to put the b*tch on parade as the reason that nothing has been accomplished yet, due to her dream list of demands that have nothing to do with the virus or economic stimulus. She should be censured for dereliction of duty and forced to apologize to the American people.

  5. The Democrats do not care what happens to you! Get a clue. Most of them are millionaires and only care about themselves. You need to take care of you. They will not! People need to demand term limits on all of them and not be able to be voted back in after they complete their limited terms. It’s time for people to arise to stop this from them to continue making the American people stupid. That’s what they want. To minipulate the American people in their way of thinking. We are not stupid or gulliable. Now we should all pull together during this crisis and help one another. Stop feeding into the frenzy.

  6. Is there some executive action President Trump can’t take to get the original bill pushed thru without allowing Pelosi and Schumer to get their way. And why are the Republican Senators who tested positive for the virus not going to be able to vote. Teleconferencing is available.

  7. I love how people say the democrats don’t care about you well guess what neither do the dam republicans yes term limits I would agree on Get Moscow MItch out as well as Nancy Pelosi. How abouy break this 2 party system! Yea yea this may sound off subject to most if not all of you I know someone will want to jump my ass but this is the real truth. IT goes 2 dam ways. Quit finger pointing!.

  8. Toss the terrible bitch in the messy Mississippi river or the bayou of Louisiana.

    What a rotten pos from filthy frisco!!!

  9. Pelosi and anyone that is goose stepping to her beat will be remembered at election time. Why anyone would follow her example of self serving politics at such a critical time is as delusional as Pelosi. Remember you are elected to serve the citizens of this nation. This is the time to stand up and do what is best for everyone. Not personal agendas.

  10. I, as a blue collar middle age Male, was looking forward to retirement in a few years. This is after being gainfully employed my entire life, paid off my morgage, any tax ever levied on me,every bill I ever made for my self , and on time I may add, raised a family,and voted in every election since 1977. I think I have earned the right to complain. Politicians should not be allowed to use my tax money for their own benefit. By this I’m referring to the way they give away tax dollars to buy votes in the next election. There must be be more restrictions on the way they spend our tax dollars. The elected representatives are not there to engineer society, or be in the business of charity. Tax dollars are for the benefit of tax payers. Or why bother ?

  11. Pelosi is nothing more than a very DANGEROUS shriveling witch! If our country is to survive, Pelosi, Clyburn and Schumer need to be strung up from the nearest, available tree!!! You Democrat ASSHOLES had better wake from your self induced ‘koolaid ‘ stupor NOW – IT IS ALREADY ALMOST TOO LATE!!!

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