Devastating! Government Spy Embedded in the Defense of Proud Boys’ Trial


Federal prosecutors disclosed on Wednesday that a witness expected to testify for the defense today at the seditious conspiracy trial of the former Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio and four associates was a government informant for nearly two years after the January 6 US Capitol attack, The Guardian reports. The spy or CHS was fully involved with the defense, and at least one defendant, one defense attorney.

The office of D.C. US Attorney Matthew Graves notified the defense team only today that a defense witness has been an FBI informant since the beginning of the case through the start of the trial. In other words, they interfered with the defense of the Proud Boys’ trial, Julie Kelly wrote on Twitter.

Before and during the trial, the spy has been in contact with at least one defendant, and “participated in prayer meetings with…the defendants’ families.”

What kind of person does this? How can our Justice Department violate the law in this way – if not the law, the spirit of the law?

The defendants can’t get a fair trial or have the secrecy they are entitled to have. This spy, a CHS, even discussed changing out one of the defense attorneys. He also spoke with one of the defense attorneys.

It’s bad enough that no one can get a fair trial in D.C., but this is so devastating for our justice system.

The government waited until the day before the witness was to appear to notify the court. At the same time, the prosecution is allowed to withhold information. How much of that information is exculpatory.

The judge ordered a hearing for this afternoon.

No one knows how many informants there are. If you remember, the Whitmer Fednapping case had more government spies than perpetrators.

A motion was filed by a public defender for Zachary Rehl to force the government to release all documents in his case. Rehl is not accused of violence but has been held without bail for two years. He has not seen his daughter since she was born after his arrest. Judge Tim Kelly is responsible. Rehl’s military benefits to his family were canceled.

A few weeks ago, Julie Kelly of American Greatness reported the FBI was caught red-handed spying on Rehl’s communications with his then-attorney. The DOJ continues to argue those communications are not privileged because Rehl is behind bars. The FBI appears to have shared that information with lead prosecutors. It has long been a tenet of American law that prisoners behind bars still have attorney-client privilege.

The trial in Washington federal court is one with the most serious charges of seditious conspiracy.  Tarrio, Rehl, and three other Proud Boys – Joseph Biggs, Ethan Nordean, and Dominic Pezzola – are charged with conspiring to block the transfer of power from Donald Trump to Joe Biden. They face twenty years in prison.

The DOJ claims they attacked the Capitol [no weapons and no violence].

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10 months ago

If these trials were held in the Deep South, there wouldn’t be one prosecution. The Liberals had to make some kind of equivalency for BLM/AntiFa Riots of 2020. The “Deep State Unelected Deep State Government” went after and framed Patriots. It is pretty obvious that the “Deep State Unelected Deep State Government” is at war with the America People. Defund the Deep State NOW!