Did You Know We’re in a Proxy War with China?


The House GOP selected Mike Gallagher to run the “Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party.” He declared in a press release that China and Russia are “inseparable” threats. Then he added that Ukraine is a fight against China by proxy. WHAAT?

Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI), Chairman of the Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party, released the following statement on Xi Jinping’s summit with Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

“Xi and Putin just doubled down on their no limits partnership and while they claimed to oppose a ‘cold war mentality,’ their actions make clear they are already engaged in New Cold War against the United States, our allies, and our values. If it wasn’t obvious before, it is obvious now that we cannot view Russia and the Chinese Communist Party as separate threats and we must push back against this de facto alliance with a sense of urgency. The most important way to do so is to ensure that Ukraine’s presence does not become Taiwan’s future. That means we have to aggressively clear the backlog of foreign military sales to Taiwan and ensure that American hard power is capable of deterring Xi’s clear ambitions to absorb the island democracy.”

People don’t know what is going on because our lives haven’t changed drastically yet, but the seeds are sewn.

Is Joe Biden compromised by China, or is he just sick? We go with the latter. He’s backing the banning of TikTok, ordered the Pentagon to prepare for war with China and Russia, he’s militarizing Taiwan and has pushed China and Russia closer.


During the three-day summit between Xi Jinping  and Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin, officials in Moscow and Beijing declared a “no-limits friendship.”

Xi and Putin called for a thorough investigation of the bombing of the Nord Stream pipeline. That could be a bit hinky for the US.

The U.S. has rejected any Chinese effort to negotiate peace but has no peace plan. China and Russia have a lot more friends than we do. We have friends without armies, and in Europe’s case, they’re destroying their national security with their destruction of fossil fuels. Russia and China have large armies and many friends with large armies and lots of fossil fuels.


Our undiplomatic top diplomat Antony Blinken does need a lot more money, though.

Mr. Blinken testified Wednesday at a Capitol Hill hearing examining the Biden administration’s 2024 budget request of nearly $71 billion in discretionary funding for the State Department and other international programs, including the U.S. Agency for International Development.

The secretary of state told lawmakers that the funding is essential to promoting the nation’s “positive vision” for a “world that is free, that is secure, that is open, that is prosperous.”

That means nothing. What’s the actual plan?

Do we want to know who can and will break this war footing? Is it Donald Trump or war with two nuclear nations?

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11 months ago

Mike Gallagher is absolutely right. Biden was used by the CCP to drive Russia into China’s Circle of Influence. Now that China and Russia are locked at the hip economically by Biden’s misguided Sanctions, the CCP has probably jettisoned the Biden Crime Family. They are no longer needed. I watch China do this for 10 years in Africa when I was working there. It just shows you how Greedy and Stupid Traitor Joe really is. The CCP knows that the Republicans will cut off US aid to Ukraine and Russia will have control of Ukraine and financial control of Europe before next Winter. America is about to find itself isolated with very few Friends.

Impeaching Traitor Joe won’t stop the bleeding, Heels Up Harris is dumber than dirt. Both need to go. The Federal Budget needs to be in Balance and we need to start making payments on the National Debt Principle come October or the US Dollar will crash. The 1930s Depression will be a Holiday Camp compared to what is coming. The only Hope for America is President Trump. He is the only proven America First Politician that can be trusted to put America First against Powerful Billionaire Interest. It takes a Billionaire to deal with other Billionaires. Mere Millionaire Politicians are not up to the task!