Shocking “Pronoun Play” at West Point


West Point mandates exercises that teach cadets in our esteemed military institution to become gender ideologues. It’s the insane-itizing of our military.

Reps. Mike Walz and Jim Banks want answers on the forced “pronoun play” exercises. The cadets are made to role play in the “understanding and respecting the pronouns people prefer.”

Noooooo! The ridiculous pronoun mantra is the leftist ideologue’s way of controlling us. There is no common sense involved in gender pronouns. It’s an invented mechanism to move us toward accepting genders beyond male and female. Then they tell you you’re insulting a whole group of people if you don’t do as they say. It’s bad English, so, no thanks.

Walz and Banks said the exercises focused on “misidentifying gender-neutral pronouns.”

In a letter to Superintendent Lt. Gen. Steve Gilland, they wrote:

We recently obtained a document for training exercises during a ‘Dean’s Weekend’ at West Point that we feel disrupts and distracts from the education and training that is needed to shape our future military leaders. We also understand that these training courses were mandatory for all cadets, led by cadets, and supervised by faculty.

As Chairmen of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Readiness and the Subcommittee on Military Personnel, we are concerned these kinds of exercises distract from the core mission of West Point in developing future wartime officers and further erodes trust in our military with politicized social trainings.

Additionally, they stated:

We feel an exercise of this nature is problematic, dismissive of mainstream viewpoints, and unnecessarily creates conflict between cadets with opposing cultural views, all of which negatively affects unit cohesion. Moreover, this exercise represents yet another instance of West Point leadership implementing policies and directives that encourage cadets to focus on their differences rather than subordinate them to collectively accomplish the overall mission and purpose. The first is the antithesis of a team, the latter is the essence of a team.

More on the garbage they’re teaching here.

They also requested from Gilland information about compensation for a 2021 guest lecture at West Point by Dr. Carol Anderson on “Understanding Whiteness and White Rage.” They want to know if Critical Race Theory is still included in a course syllabus.  the West Point Superintendent before Gilland, Gen. Darryl Williams, said it was being taught.

It is an anti-white, anti-American syllabus.

A few years ago, in an “Operation Inclusion” listening seminar, West Point forced cadets to read “Critical Race Theory: An Introduction” and “A Critical Introduction to Queer Theory” in a leadership course.

2023 West Point Cadet Rolep… by Houston Keene

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