DHS Let a Suspected Terrorist Loose in the US for 2 Weeks


Suspected terrorist Isnardo Garcia-Amado was released by border patrol on April 18th. On April 21st, the FBI matched him to a watchlist. May 4th, ICE authorized re-arrest. Two days later on May 6, he was arrested in Pinellas County, Florida. ICE took custody of him on May 9th.

So much for our formidable vetting system and deportation process.

Isnardo Garcia Amado

DHS took two weeks to authorize ICE to take him into custody.

When Bill Melugin asked DHS why it took so long, they didn’t really answer the question. They did give him a form letter.

“When we receive additional derogatory information from our law enforcement partners, DHS and our federal partners take swift action to apprehend those individuals. In this instance, after receiving additional “law enforcement information, ICE, in coordination with federal and local law enforcement, promptly detained this individual, who was already under supervision [they count an ankle monitor as supervision] via a Global Positioning System (GPS) monitoring device.”

Obviously, this is a”massive national security breach” as Tom Homan said. Governor DeSantis wants to know how many other terrorists DHS has allowed into this country. Watch the live report with Bill Melugin:

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John Vieira
2 months ago

This has been going on for years…so called “refugees” and illegal aliens have been strategically ‘relocated’ on entry…motive???