DHS Secretary McAleenan Is Under Federal Investigation for Leaking


Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan is now under federal investigation for possibly leaking the details of the ICE raids in June, the Washington Examiner reports.

Confidential government information was allegedly leaked in late June which prompted ICE to call off a nationwide effort to arrest and deport illegal aliens with deportation orders.

Both Mark Morgan, the new acting ICE director and Tom Homan, the former ICE director, accused him of leaking the information. McAleenan denied it and claimed Morgan gave away the information at a meeting.

“There is an ongoing investigation. An internal investigation has been launched,” one official said in a phone call with the Examiner on Friday.

It is not a criminal probe, but it could lead to someone’s firing.

“Any investigation into the malicious, unauthorized disclosure of the operations is completely justified. Any casual observer would logically deduce that McAleenan’s dodgy response and coy behavior warrant additional scrutiny,” a second senior official said late Thursday.

A third official said the department’s decision to pursue the investigation of the acting secretary in itself was “very troubling.”

“It’s worrisome that it took days for the acting secretary to acknowledge and then deny the allegations, and it’s telling that he didn’t call for the investigation in the first place. More than anything, it’s unfortunate that people are even having this discussion at all,” the official wrote in a text.

McAleenan was named by three senior administration officials and two former officials as the orchestrator of the leak. He also directed them to sabotage the operation by not carrying it out.

Morgan contacted the White House following McAleenan’s warning to try to carry it out, according to three current and two former senior administration officials.

“That’s our belief,” one official told the Washington Examiner in late June, when asked if McAleenan was behind the leak. “The secretary was not supportive from day one.”

That is true. He is always concerned the operation isn’t well-planned. That was going on under the last DHS Secretary, Kristjen Nielsen.

If this is true, McAleenan absolutely needs to go.

What we don’t understand is why they are now announcing it days in advance now. We all know it’s going down this weekend. The White House is only going after 2,000 criminals for now and families will only be questioned. We were originally told whole families would go, presumably to keep them intact.

The left now has time to prepare and they are doing that. Even Pelosi is sending out alerts on how they can prevent deportation. These people with deportation orders are now pretending they didn’t get a notice of a hearing and the far-left ACLU and radical organizations want the process to start over.

If we can’t deport criminals with deportation orders as per Democrats, we have open borders while the world, literally the world, is pouring in.

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