Win at the 9th Circuit! Feds can dole out grants according to Immigration compliance


The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals just ruled in favor of the Trump administration’s move to prioritize taxpayer dollars to towns and cities that complied with immigration law.

The federal government can prioritize federal dollars for local policing to towns and cities that complied with certain immigration policies, TheHill reports.

The ruling was a split 2-1 decision. The court ruled that the Justice Department was within its rights to withhold Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) grants from sanctuary cities and states over their refusal to work with federal immigration enforcement authorities.

The DOJ has the right to prioritize agencies that focused on unauthorized immigration and agreed to give Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) access to jail records and immigrants in custody.

The city of Los Angeles first sued the administration after it was denied a $3 million grant over sanctuary law. The decision reversed a district court’s ruling.

“The panel rejected Los Angeles’s argument that DOJ’s practice of giving additional consideration to applicants that choose to further the two specified federal goals violated the Constitution’s Spending Clause,” wrote Judge Sandra Ikuta, joined by Judge Jay Bybee.




  1. Sorry,folks. Watch the City of L.A. demand an en banc hearing where the full court can address the issues. They know they have the votes to override the three judge decision and will use it to spite Trump and set it up for a SCOTUS battle.

    • Meanwhile, the grants are whitheld until a SCOTUS decision is reached. And LA, and the rest of west CA, becomes more of a 3rd world sh*thole than it already is.
      That is a “win” in the federal taxpayer’s column.
      Just sayin’.

  2. If it can be done for “one” program it follows that it can be done in others. Somewhere it was reported that “grants” make up the majority of Government spending.

  3. WOW!!! ICE Director is NOT putting up with Democrat BULL. It’s about time people start calling out these Damocrats for their pathetic remarks.

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