Dictator Biden tells the states they have no say over settling of refugees


Biden sent a memo to ICE on January 20th that basically bans them from arresting anyone here illegally, even criminals. There are some few exceptions, but it destroys ICE.

It gets worse.

Dictator Biden now let the states know they have no say over refugee resettlement.

On the same day he issued an executive order to sharply increase refugee admissions to the U.S., President Joe Biden moved to block state and local governments from having a say about settlements in their communities.

Revoking a Trump administration consent policy, Biden gave federal officials 90 days to recommend future refugee resettlement protocols. It is unlikely that states will have much of a voice going forward.

There was a local-federal tussle after Obama did much the same. As it turns out, no state can stop refugees from moving in once they’ve landed on U.S. shores. Citing a hypothetical example, Voice of America noted, “If a refugee family would rather be in Florida instead of their assigned destination in Arizona, the state cannot object to the family’s moving there, but the family may forgo services that would have been provided to them in Arizona.”

Whatever administrative window dressing Biden might apply, his radical increase in refugee admissions, while at the same time inviting people to abuse our political asylum process, keeps states in a subservient position as he decides, via executive order, what is “in the national interest.”

The line in the federal register below that needs special attention is this: USRAP should be rebuilt and expanded, commensurate with global need and the purposes described above.

We’ve gone global and what the UN wants, the UN will get.

He’s encouraging people whot don’t know what gender they are. There goes girl’s sports. He’s also encouraging resettlement by Islamists from wartorn countries with lots of terrorists.

This blather about opening the doors to the needy is nonsense. They want Democrat voters to come in so they never lose another election.

Federal Register on refugee resettlement on Scribd



  1. An old gal neighbor passed on and a democrat voter replacement cleaned the place out, he had an actual Beverly Hillbillies mobile with a do it yourself plywood truck bed and no plate.
    It almost caused a pile up when he pulled out onto a main city thoroughfare, a deplorable would have been pulled over instantly.
    (S)elections have consequences. Enjoy it woke Red Guards and edgy “resistance” rebels who think everything in line with Big Tech Bolsheviks and corporate PR campaigns because you own it.

  2. What part of Article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution does Traitor Joe and Democrats in general not understand? The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.

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