Dinesh D’Souza’s Film ‘2000 Mules’ Removed from All Platforms


Salem Media Group removed Dinesh D’Sounza’s 2020 election film, ‘ 2000 Mules,’ from all streaming services and platforms. They even apologized and promised never to air it again.

It’s the result of a Georgia man, Mark Andrews, suing Salem Media for defamation. He faced threats to his life and his reputation had been damaged.

Mark Andrews filed his lawsuit in 2022. In the filing, he claimed, “2000 Mules made false claims leading to threats of violence against him and his family.

It was widely circulated and promoted by Donald Trump.

The Salem Media Statement

“It was never our intent that the publication of the 2000 Mules film and book would harm Mr. Andrews,” Salem said in a Friday statement. “We apologize for the hurt the inclusion of Mr. Andrews’ image in the movie, book, and promotional materials have caused Mr. Andrews and his family.”

“We have removed the film from Salem’s platforms, and there will be no future distribution of the film or the book by Salem,” the right-wing company added.

This was part of an undisclosed larger settlement.

Mr. Andrews, with his face blurred, was pictured depositing his ballot and his family’s files into a drop box.

“What you are seeing is a crime,” a voiceover from D’Souza declared. “These are fraudulent votes.”

“We have learned that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has cleared Mr. Andrews of illegal voting activity in connection with the event depicted in 2000 Mules,” the company said.

Mr. D’Souza’s credibility will be questioned going forward.

Update on Opinion: I removed the last paragraph because people thought it was meant as an insult. It was just an opinion of his style. I like Mr. D’Souza and support him. They’ve been trying to silence him, and they found something to hurt his credibility with some people.

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