Dinesh D’Souza’s Film Is Banned from Amazon and Wal-Mart


Conservative filmmaker and author Dinesh D’Souza has a new film called Police State, which he produced with Dan Bongino. It’s very popular with conservatives and moderates.

It is a chilling documentary that seeks to expose the Biden administration’s unprecedented political persecution of ordinary Americans. Conservative actor Nick Searcy, who played Sheriff Art Mullen in Justified, plays the villain in the movie. He’s the face of federal law enforcement enforcing a two-tiered justice system in the country.


The movie sold out in several theaters and is now available on DVD to buy.

On Tuesday, Amazon and Wal-mart refused to distribute copies of Police State. They didn’t give him a reason, thereby proving the point of his documentary. However, you can buy it from Salem and Shopify.

Only a week ago, the US government blocked the transaction by the movie producers to Salem Media Group. The financial crimes enforcement network of the US Department of the Yellen Treasury intercepted a $106,000 payment to Salem Media to purchase ads for the movie. The funds were eventually returned to D’Souza. It was probably only because of backlash, highlighted by The Gateway Pundit – conservative Jim Hoft’s publication – and other supporters.

Libertarian Steve Forbes Warns Americans

Narcotics traffickers and other unsavory individuals may be trying to take down this movie. We have so many in the country that’s a logical conclusion.

When you let terrorists, Communists, and criminals into the country, they’re going to pursue their ideology wherever possible, and they’re going to change our culture and way of life. They’re going to change it to theirs.

This is why so many Third World countries never improve. The people in power are governed by their deep state, which would be the population of criminals and terrorists. Poor people get a lot of blame for their demands for a welfare state, and they deserve some of it, but often overlooked is the political clout of the criminal and the terrorist.

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