Diot Coke Was Born 600 Years Ago – That’s Not a Typo


Interesting facts for Monday.

The Woman Named Diot Coke Lived 600 Years Ago

This is a true story from History Facts. Roughly 600 years before sugar-free Diet Coke appeared on the scene, a newborn baby was named Diot Coke in the 1300s.

Her existence was lost in history until George Redmonds of the British National Archives came upon her name centuries later.

He believes her first name was a diminutive version of “Dionisia,” which at the time was a rather popular name that evolved into “Denise,” while her last name was a corruption of “Cook.”

Now, her name is enshrined in a popular drink. We know nothing about her except she was born in Yorkshire, England. We hope she had a nice life.

Long Island Fact

Yesterday was the anniversary of the Islanders trading Billy Harris, a forward, and Dave Lewis, a defenseman, with the LA Kings, for Butch Goring, a center. That was in 1980. Goring teamed up with the greats to win four Stanley Cups in a row.

Word for the Day

Hobbledehoy, pronounced as it sounds phonetically, first appeared in the mid-16th century from no one knows where. It is a noun and means a clumsy or awkward youth. It could apply to a young animal.

“I feel like a real hobbledehoy at my new job.”

You will probably never use it.

Crazy Talk from X

David French is a nut.

Babylon Bee Pays Tribute to the Oscars

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