Soros-Funded DA Cancels Some Traffic Laws


Soros-funded Cumberland County District Attorney Jacqueline A. Sartoris announced a policy change that will no longer see illegal aliens charged for specific traffic violations within Maine’s most populous county.  In fact, no one will be. She said it’s because the DA’s caseload is too high, so she goes right to basically canceling laws.

While Sartoris announced before her election that she was going to run a “low-budget, grassroots effort,” her campaign — according to the Maine Ethics Commission — was buoyed by a $300,000 contribution from Democracy II, a Washington, D.C.-based super PAC funded by billionaire and Democratic political activist George Soros.

Sartoris claimed the funding was unexpected and unsolicited. That could be true, but she was most likely chosen because she’s the furthest left and weakest on crime prevention.

Anarchy is coming to the USA.

According to the Maine Wire, the District Attorney of Maine’s most populous county will no longer charge individuals, including illegal aliens, who are caught driving without a license, with a suspended registration, or driving an unregistered motor vehicle.

Cumberland County District Attorney Jacqueline A. Sartoris announced the new policy change, which will take effect on March 1, in a memo distributed this week.

Instead of changing the policy, maybe she should just have MS-13 sell fake IDs.

In New York City, MS-13 is selling fake IDs on the streets.  They will likely also vote with these IDs.

New York City also has a Soros-funded District Attorney who is pro-criminal, and we have illegal alien transnational gangs taking over the streets.

Also, from the Maine Wire:

Although the new non-charging policy will apply to all drivers in Cumberland County, the traffic violations in question are commonly associated with individuals who are present in the U.S. illegally and, therefore, cannot obtain Driver’s Licenses or vehicle registrations.

The policy change means that any individual pulled over in Cumberland County driving an unregistered vehicle, driving without a license, or driving with a suspended registration will face no criminal penalty if that is their only alleged violation.

This will cause havoc when people have accidents or break traffic laws. For example, it means anonymous people with no identities will remain anonymous when they crash into your car in Maine.

As the author at Maine Wire wrote:

By refusing to enforce laws against crimes like driving without a license or driving with a suspended license, DAs can effectively nullify laws placed on the books by state legislatures.

Oh, so what, big deal. The US doesn’t even have borders, our President has dementia, and Democrats are trying to imprison his political opponent. This is who we are as Barack would say.




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