Liz Cheney’s Lie Refuted by Readers After She Wigs Out on X


Liz Cheney is infuriated that Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist discovered Cheney buried exculpatory evidence about Donald Trump. The evidence supports his statements that he asked for 10,000 troops on J6. The unAmerican J6 panel said he did not ask for troops.

On Saturday, Mark Levin called Cheney out, posting on X:

“Sleazy Liz Cheney needs to receive some of the Stalinist medicine she introduced into the body politick against scores of patriotic Americans — that is, she needs to be compelled to testify under oath about, among other things, what knowledge she may have about: possible witness tampering, censorship of exculpatory information and testimony, the destruction of committee evidence and data, etc.”

Cheney responded, calling Mollie Hemingway a “bozo” – and directing people to various sections of the Jan. 6 report in which Secretary of Defense Miller, who refused to send the National Guard on J6 for hours, said Trump never ordered 10,000 troops. He also claimed Kash Patel, who said Trump ordered troops, is “not a credible witness” [a partisan judge had made the statement.]

But no one was talking about Kash Patel. They are talking about Trump’s former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Anthony Ornato who said the same thing.

Miller was involved in the letter we wrote about at ten this morning and here. The letter from ten former Secretaries of Defense is likely why the National Guard was delayed on J6, and she orchestrated it.

Liz Cheney Screengrab

The influencers on social media put her lies out there as a result.

In the memo below linked by X poster Kitty, the Secretary of Defense says: “President concurs in activation of the DCNG to support law enforcement.”

Trump couldn’t order the troops, but he did what he could.

Cheney keeps using the word “ordered” to mislead the public. The authority is delegated to the Secretary of Defense / Secretary of the Army. Trump concurred in activation, which he needed to do.

Check it out:

Another X influencer, Jackie, posted the video of Secretary Miller telling Trump that Bowser asked for the National Guard, and Trump said Miller should do all that’s necessary to protect the people and the Capitol.
She also noted that Gen. Kellogg said Donald Trump requested troops.

As Sean Davis wrote so succinctly and accurately on X:

“Liz Cheney ran an op to prevent Trump from doing anything to secure the Capitol, and then went and impeached him and tried to have him thrown in prison, claiming he failed to secure the Capitol (in reality, he wanted thousands of troops, but Pelosi and the corrupt D.C. mayor refused).”

As we know, the Pentagon took hours before deploying the troops, having been set up three days before by Liz Cheney; wittingly or unwittingly, that is what happened.

Influencer Proud Army Brat wrote on X:

“President Trump’s letter to the J6 Committee regarding his REQUEST FOR NATIONAL GUARD on J6 but was turned down. Liar Liz Cheney claims this didn’t occur! Receipts”

She linked to the letter hidden for so long:

Ditto on this comment by Nick Searcy. He reacts to Cheney, her lies, and her labeling of honest journalist Mollie Hemingway a “bozo.” That’s a name more aptly applied to Liz Cheney.

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