Director Wray orders a probe of the Flynn Affair


FBI Director Wray, long accused of covering up corruption, has ordered an internal investigation into the handling of the Flynn Affair.

The “after-action” investigation, announced Friday, will focus on two areas: rooting out any misconduct by current FBI employees and evaluating the need to change bureau policies.


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A statement noted that the FBI will evaluate whether disciplinary measures will be necessary for any current employees, although the bureau lacks the prosecutorial authority to bring a criminal case. The statement also said the FBI lacks the ability to take any disciplinary action against former employees.

One must wonder who lit a fire under him, and can the FBI investigate itself. Silly question.



    • Someone who withheld evidence from Flynn for 3 years is involved in criminal obstruction and is unfit for any office. That includes Barr also.

      • You are absolutely right. I have done a tremendous amount of research into Barr and his work history. He truly is Deep State, a wretched man. One tiny case in point: Rosenstein signed off on 3 of the 4 phony FISA Warrants against Trump. And now we know absolutely that Rosenstein knew and was balls deep complicit in this falsehood. FOX nor any other MSM has bothered to mention that at Rosenstein’s retirement party, at the White House Briefing Room, when Barr gave his “send off” speech for him, he damn near licked Rosenstein’s boots, seriously, I thought that Barr was going try and convince us all that Rosenstein actually could walk on water. Barr is an evil entity a patsy for the Deep State. Oh, by the way, check out his (Barr’s) fathers involvement with Epstein. He hired Epstein and then had to have him fired because of his perversity and then Barr’s father resigned himself.

  1. Ya, well, he needs to hurry up and fire his own ass first, and ASAP. Even a blind person can see through is CYA hypocrisy. Deep State scum that he is. I hope his own turn on him soon. And they should once and if he start to finger his ilk.

  2. This Wray character is simply developing a WAY to keep the guilty hidden, & OUT OF SIGHT! That way Wray appears effective, while ALSO keeping the “dirt” hidden…as well as the GUILTY getting “cleaned”, & thus unknown… Isn’t THAT the WAY to “PROTECT THE INSTITUTION”??

    Isn’t THAT what a “CLEAN UP JOB” is FOR…..RIGHT? At LEAST that’s what A.G. Barr SAID he does…

  3. Can’t do anything against FORMER employees…? That’s BS. maybe the FBI cannot – but certainly the DOJ can go after LAW-BREAKERS and Traitors! Something like forfeiture of ALL retirement and benefits and 10 yrs in slammer for every felony they perpetrated…..
    For Strok and Comey to walk because they are retired is absolute hosesh!t !!!!

  4. I worked for the Federal Government for over 40 years in Senior Management. The Statue of Limitations still allows for their prosecution. The only time that a specific time constraint applies is that once an alleged “crime” has been known to have been committed, then that individual must have charges laid against them in a timely manner. That “timely manner” is different depending on the severity of the crime. An extreme example: Manslaughter, premeditated murder and so on, has no stature of limitations. These degenerates certainly can and should be charged. Barr has that absolute authority to lay charges. He NEVER WILL. Because he is as Deep State as they come.

  5. An external investigation is needed. Wray is merely responding to all of the corruption which was exposed destpite his earnest efforts to block anything.

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