Tucker Warns Secretive Fed Agencies Are Trying to Rig Our Election


Tucker Carlson warns that “secretive federal agencies are trying to rig our presidential election.” The community notes attached to the clip below claim no evidence of widespread fraud can be found. The note mentions 64 court cases. The court didn’t investigate, and most cases were dismissed because the plaintiffs were not standing. Other sources were CBS State News and Al Jazeera, of all outlets.

Vigilant Fox provided a transcript.

“This is what the Democrats refer to as ‘democracy,’ and they’re trying to defend it.”

“A few years ago, we learned conclusively that, in fact, the FBI and the federal intel agencies, the dozen or more federal intel agencies we have, for some reason, had been working secretly against Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Trump had whispered about this, then shouted about it, and was roundly denounced as a conspiracy nut, a lunatic. But in the end, he was vindicated.

“It was true. These agencies spied on Trump, and they leaked some of what they’d learned to the media, which used it against Trump. Then, these agencies concocted false stories about Trump. They tried to crush Trump completely in 2016 and then for the entire course of his presidency. Then they did the same thing in 2020 during the presidential election, and they’re doing it still. They’re trying to put him in prison for the rest of his life.

“So, if you take three steps back, what you have here is what we’re seeing now. For the third time in three consecutive cycles, secretive federal agencies are trying to rig our presidential election. This is what the democrats refer to as “democracy,” and they’re trying to defend it.

“But, of course, it’s the opposite of democracy. It’s, in fact, the end of democracy in any semblance of a constitutional republic we ever had. If you have a secret police force threatening people, spying on them, and working secretly on the levers of political power, then you don’t have a democracy. You have no control over, really, anything as a voter.”

Does Anyone Doubt This Could Be True?

There was so much corruption. The machines are hackable, though no one has said they were hacked. Fifty Intelligence officials signed a letter falsely claiming the Hunter laptop was Russian disinformation.

Molly Ball’s Time Magazine article claimed a cabal of government workers, lawmakers, and special interest groups worked together to kill Donald Trump’s election chances. Who were the government workers?

Intelligence agencies were responsible for the Russiagate hoax. NSA was involved in Ukraine-gate. Who can forget Col. Vindman?

Let’s not forget the FBI was involved with the fake dossier and the FISA warrants to spy on Trump’s campaign. When Bill Barr was the FBI Director, he claimed there was no evidence of widespread fraud, but he never investigated.

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