Disgraceful! U.S. Law Enforcement LEAKED Classified British Intel to Damage Trump


U.S. law enforcement, presumably the intelligence services, leaked classified information about the Manchester attack to the N.Y. Times which has led to the Brits halting the sharing of intel with the U.S. The Brits are infuriated. As they said, “this has got to stop.”

The Brits feel it has compromised their investigation into the horrific terror attack Monday night, now known to be tied to a worldwide terror cell. Eight suspects have been arrested in Britain, including the bomber’s older brother. In Libya, the father and younger son are under arrest. They are accused of planning an attack in Tripoli.

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham said: “It has been compromised by the leaks and we can’t afford anymore, so we’ve taken a temporary decision to say let’s clear it out and draw a line, let’s not have a row that lingers on. Nobody wants that. But equally we have to make our opinions clear so we can get this relationship back to where we all want it to be,” Burnham told CNN.

The leaks are meant to make Trump look bad but it makes the left-wing or neverTrumpers and intelligence services look worse to Americans and the world. These leaks are undoubtedly meant to damage Trump as he is about to make headway in NATO talks Thursday. He wants the allies to pay their fair share and he wants them to direct their attention to terrorism.

The leaks included the publication of photos of debris from the attack in the NY Times. Debris included material used in the bomb.

It came after the name of bomber Salman Abedi was leaked to U.S. media just hours after the attack, which left 22 dead. U.S. law enforcement [FBI? CIA?] released other classified details.

Theresa May said she would tell Donald Trump at a NATO meeting that shared intelligence “must remain secure”, BBC reported.

The US’s acting ambassador to the UK “unequivocally condemned” the leaks in a BBC radio interview.

“These leaks were reprehensible, deeply distressing,” Lewis Lukens said.

The leaks are truly outrageous. Leakers and the NY Times are actively leaking to hurt Trump even if they hurt our relations with an important ally. They are endangering our safety and the safety of the Brits. Damaging foreign relations seems to mean nothing to them which can only be characterized as treasonous.

President Trump must order lie detector tests for people in intelligence agencies and in the White House for starters to try and narrow the field. The FBI must be ordered to investigate it. Anyone who has leaked MUST be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We need to see that tough Trump we saw on the campaign trail, no matter what the media says and who he has to prosecute.

Our government is being sabotaged from within with the help of the hate-Trump media.

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6 years ago

Apparently we have some juvenile, childish, and immature people working in our Intelligence gathering Departments. Their action leaking information just shows that whoever is doing this is seeking attention and wants to show how important they are. Sadly this type of behavior can result in the death of many allies who provide us much needed human intelligence (HUMINT)..need to find them and lock them up!!

6 years ago

The Brits need to be mad about allowing radicals into their country. And they need to be mad about Obama giving Russia secret information on Britain’s nuclear arsenal. Since they are not, I consider their present anger to be another anti-Trump stunt.

6 years ago

At least Snowden’s claimed motives were for the benefit of the American people. These traitors hate a free America and need to be hunted down, stopped and prosecuted.

Is it really legal for the NYT to release classified information? These people attacked Trump for legally discussing classified info with the Russians!!