Disgusting! Blinken blames those left behind for their predicament during presser


Secretary of State Anthony Blinken gave another vague, cover the administration’s butt, press conference today. He made it clear that the US plans to leave Americans and allies behind. Blinken also blamed the Americans and people who helped us for their situation which is totally the fault of the US administration.

One thing of all the things that we found infuriating was Blinken blaming the people left behind for their own predicament. Blinken balmed Americans who don’t get evacuated, didn’t follow guidance, and so on. The man is a buffoon.

Here he is blaming the victims:

He assured Americans that they will use diplomacy, sanctions, and political tools to get Americans and allies out after the military leaves Kabul [with our tail between our legs as terrorists chase us out].

Diplomacy alone never works. It’s absurd. The only option they will have since they won’t use force or strength is to pay them off with pallets of cash and gold. He’s going to continue relying on the terrorists.

As for international pressure, the Taliban do not care.

He again repeated the line that they will help Americans who want to leave. What American wouldn’t want to leave? He doesn’t explain.


When Andrea Mitchell asked for more specifics on how they are working to get people out of Afghanistan, cueing it up with some alarming real-life examples, he gave a typically vague answer. [See Below]

Blinken glossed over the locally employed staff at the State Department being left behind. Ric Grennell tweeted: Blinken failed to speak up in Cabinet meetings to demand that State Department staff be evacuated before the U.S. military closed Bagram. He left staff behind.

What a weak, awful human being.

Grennell added: This information Blinken is giving was known weeks ago. He’s talking about Americans who registered with the Embassy months ago. Why didn’t he know the number weeks ago? It should be updated regularly. He’s only scrambling now.

Guy Benson pointed out: Blinken says there were ~6,000 US citizens in Afghanistan a few weeks ago. Previous estimate we’d heard was 10-15k. Officials said earlier today there were at least 4100 Americans left in Afghanistan. Blinken now gives a much lower #. Says the numbers are fluid & hard to track. 

The US is taking out Afghan refugees — 77,000 or so — but not very many Americans and allies — 4,100 so far.

They haven’t done a thing to track people in the country who would be affected by the US departure when they knew for months that they planned to leave.

We now have a terrorist group in control of a country with money and support from Chinese communists. What could go wrong?


Mitchell asked a good question and is getting torched by the Left for asking it. She didn’t get an answer.

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