Rescue plane went out empty because of the US


A rescue plane went out almost empty because of Taliban checkpoints and US bureaucracy. The checkpoints are the US’s fault also.


Rep. Mike Waltz came out of a briefing to tell Hannity on his radio show that the administration is giving us happy talk while the opposite is happening.

The administration is claiming Americans are getting through checkpoints when the truth is most are not getting through.

The representative said the administration’s only strategy is to beg the Taliban to let Americans through. They will not threaten the Taliban.

Special forces are ready to rescue people but the administration won’t let them.

By the way, the CIA did pull out six weeks ago, leaving the people to fend for themselves.

Secretary of State Blinken abandoned his own employees in Kabul. Some who tried to get on helicopters were rejected as the Embassy was evacuated.

He lied today and said the Taliban will let Americans and supporters leave after August 31st.

Blinken is lying his butt off.

All manner of terrorist is gathering in Afghanistan.

ISIS-K is threatening suicide bombing at the Kabul airport. Let’s be clear, ISIS-K is ISIS is AL QAEDA is TALIBAN. They will all cut your head off without one bit of remorse.

This tragedy will continue daily no matter how many lies our administration tells.

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